Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday School + Guitar + Meeting

Early in the morning.. Woke Up.. Go Sunday School by BUS.. brought YUI Tan with me as well.. We have to reach there extra early cause we are performing for morning Puja. XP

Vanessa change her hair style.. which looks very very nice on her. XD And also.. Today.. everyone just notice that my guitar has a name.. =.= Okay some of them knew a long time.. but most of them dont knw! D8 See! See! See! Didnt read my blog larh! XD

Yui Tan Jin Yin
is my GUITAR's name!!! Keep that in mind. XD Yui Tan is I name one.. and Jin Yin is the brand of the guitar. So all stick together is Yui Tan Jin Yin. XD Lame? I knw!

Suilun was being a wannabe. He started naming the piano in the hall that we're using! XD The brand of the piano is like Morley. Then as his sir name.. then its.. Morley Lim!! XD Then we used a keyboard for our performance.. Then the brand of the keyboard is Panasonice.. Add together is Panasonic Lim!! XD And i thought i was lame..

Class.. Bro.KC made the class intresting today.. Its becaue me and Suilun brought up a very intresting subject today.. Carving is a bad thing.. But when you fall in love.. Your like carving for the girl you like. So is Falling in Love a bad thing?? Well its not actually a bad thing.. or should i say IS NOT BAD AT ALL!! Love is a diffrent subject.. XD

Ponteng Puja again.. XP To went to down to find John and play guitar.. Instate of playing with John today, i played with this girl called Rebbeca. Who is one of SweePie's student. Coincidently.. She is also a big YUI fan!! 8D We played lots of songs together!!Which are Goodbye Days, Rolling Star, I Remember You and Its Happy line. Damm nice..

I just love playing John's guitar!!! Three reasons.. One, its a larger size guitar.. Two, the strings are easier to press, its soft strings his using. Three, its and electro accoustic. I can play bar chords PREFECTLY on his guitar. On Yui Tan? Can also.. but not prefect. XP

Choir was a little bit screwed up today.. cause the enviroment is too HOT and second is because SweePie was there!! XD Actually it has nothing to do with him.. we just got a little bit cacat today. Im trying to learn some songs which our choir is singing. One of them is Queen of My Heart by Westlife. Love Westlife la.. X)

Meeting, the intresting part was the CFCamp part. XD Im in Cafeteria department again!! Wooohooo!! Second time being cafeteria. So is ShuXian and John!! We're same department again!! XD ZhenWei, XuanZhi and my sister, Kelly are in the department as well. And whose our boss? John!! The head of Cafeteria. XD

ShuMei, Justin, Suilun, Kelvin and Ngiap Kim is in the programmer. The boss is.. ShuMei. Congrats!! QMs are MunWai, YanLeng, Peiwen, and.. i forgotten who. XP But anyways the head is Munwai!! Congrats! Looking forward to the camp. X)

Went home.. POP!!! Slept for like 3 hours.. die la tonight cannot sleep.. And thats why im bloggin here now. XD My dad forgot to take my Moral Project picture!! But Thanks to Xinwei i manage to get her to print for me.. its not easy to convince her to print for me.. XD

Playing Guitar now.. shu.. dont kacau. XD