Friday, March 27, 2009


Bored Bored Bored!!! Nothing to do ARH!!! Grrr.... can something intresting happend in my life!!! XP

"Collide", "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "Summer Holidays" is only Youtube already. Feel free to take a look and then remember to rate and comment. XP "Love Story"?? I remake it.. cause the sound of the music over powered my guitar sound. XP

Now, im trying to play "Goodbye Days" for good.. Bar chords?? So what!! Im going to put effort to learn the bar chords!! Even if it burns the crap of my hand!! I will learn how to play "Goodbye Days"!!! I dont care!! That song is one of the reason that im playing. XP

I played a song by ear for the first time!! 8D On the piano very normal.. it very easy to identify in piano but on the guitar?? For me is the very time. X) I played one of my favourite duet song.. "Yozoro No Mukou". Seriously.. Im starting to like that song. After looking at the translation of the song.. I made me more addicted to the song. You will get what i mean when you find out the translation.

No one in Youtube ever play the strumming for "Yozoro No Mukou". Cause the song is actually meant for Plucking for guitar but i made a strumming through my ears. XD Check it out!!

Yozoro No Mukou -Guitar Cover-

Miyavi's guitaring skills is just heavenly.. I seen lots of his videos in Youtube and his skills are godly. His definately one of the best guitar player in the world!! At least top 10!! XD His guitar solos are the best.. especially tapping skils. To learn tapping.. i will take me another 5 years to learn that.. XD

I watched Bleach manga today and Im really starting to like Ichigo now. XP Cause now his dammm kaooo gay strong. Unlike last with his cacated Bankai which increase speed (pfff..) and Getsuga Tensho only. Now this damm strong. Im not going to tell what going on now just incase of you out there is not a manga watcher. But im just going to post the pictures. XP

Ichigo's True Hollow Form

He can summon his sword back to him!!

Posing again..

*Slash* K.O!!!

His true hollow form looks cool too!! Love that form la!! Its better than its vaizard form. He looks more like an esparda now. XD

Bored Bored Bored.. Tomorrow might be going to Tarvin's place again for fun. XP