Friday, January 30, 2009

Someone Missing..

While i was daydreaming.. i was daydreaming abt my future love life and that links to my school and then it links to my classmates.. then while i was daydreaming i remember that someone is missing in our class. And it was one of my great PSP friend. X)

I remember last thursday, during rumah biru time, after running, Abbi came and talked to me.. and this is what the conversation is..

Abbi: Omg.. YuMing you were sooo good!!

YuMing: Issit? Thanks.. XP *blushes*

Abbi: You kinda reminded me of someone.. erm..

YuMing: Vincent?? (someone mention that i looked a little bit like him)

Abbi: No. No. No. Its some else..

YuMing: Okay.. then who issit?

Abbi: Ahhhhhh.. Matthew!!!
YuMing: Huh? Why??

Abbi: I dont know.. from some angle u looked like him..

Yeap, its true.. i remember when i was young.. i went to the same tuition class with matthew (and theres where i first knw him) teacher cant diffrenciate who is who. Surprising issint it? Thus is remember that Tarvin took Matthew's report card which has the picture of him when he was 12 and compare with mine. He goes like "SHITTT!!! Damm alike wei!! D8"

But i admit.. serious.. that matthew is more handsome than me. (for the first time im admitting. XD) and I believe everyone also says that too. XD Well heres some pictures of him.. during we are form 4 that time.. when his still a geek. XD

Told You his a Geek!! XD
*gasp* XD
Okay slighty better.. XD

Does he look like me?? XD Anyway, Matthew everyone misses you.. trust me. X)

Kampung Very Last Moment

By the time of my watch right now.. i will be leaving this kampung place in another 3+ more hours. Just to express my little feelings abt the whole week in my kampung. XP

To tell u all the truth.. was never able to really communicate with most of my elder cousins, uncles and aunt. But this year.. i was able to communicate FAR MORE than what i used to. Mayb is because i've grew a little more matured i guess. XP

But seriously.. this one whole week was the best kampung holidays i ever had. XD All the joy and laugher with my cousins. Just great and i think is the BEST this year!! XD Not to forget the little cousins. XP One whole week of unstoppable CFCamp. XD Great experience. X)

Guess what?? I introduced Dissidia to my cousins and helped them to put into their PSP!! XD And believe me.. they played well.. In 2 days Cloud lvl 71 already. D8 Shit son! Who knows my next visit here.. they might be better than me. D8

Well long story short.. its a GREAT and the BEST holiday so far.. X) And believe.. if i get to stay.. i will stay just a little bit long. XP Not to say i dont miss u guys but i like to spend more time with my once in a while visit relatives. X)

Guess is time to go back to books and grumpy mother.. hrm.. dammit...

Currently listening to: I Remember You -YUI- (from youtube)

Kampung Last Day..

In any or should i say every single event or camp. The last day is always the best day ever. And so is my kampung holidays here. Guess what?? My last day.. we went SWIMMING!!! Woohooo!!!

Since it was a long hot whether of CNY, my uncle decided to bring us to the swimming pool. And where issit? ZhenWei and Suelyn's hometown area.. Sungai Petani!!! XD But still it was a long trip so i spended my time spaming smses to my friends. XP Credit starting "kong" liao..

Actually.. the swimming area was a little bit dissapointing.. The place is called "The Carnival". Sounds cool but very dissapointing.. the area is small and nothing much to play.. hrm.. but still we get to feel water and get to ride slides!! XD

Theres only one slide there that really hitted me.. which is some slide which slide down like a U shape and then U turn down again. Its hard to explain.. have to draw it out only u understand. But long story short.. its damm "Chi Gek". Me and my little cousins ride the thing for like more than 10 times! XD

Everytime we slide down we will do stupid shouting voice. Since we when for like 10 times let me tell u guys the funny ones. Starting from the 1st ride.

1st ride we shouted: SHIIIIITTTTTTTT (in chinese) TAAAAAAA PIANNNNN!!!

2nd ride: *silent ride* .................

3rd ride: MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (all the way..)

4th ride: MIAAOOOOOOOOO!!! (cat's voice)


6th ride: MOoooooooooooooooooooo 9since its cow year)

7th ride: @#$%^&*()_(*&%$## (all the bad words)

others i dont really remember. XP

It was fun la.. it was freaking tiring but worth it. Im gonna go home in like another 18 hours... Be sure to miss me before i go back arh!!! Ang paos lai~lai~lai~ XD

I miss you wei.. dammit..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spending my Holidays

Seriously.. i need YUI songs.. im cant take it anymore!! Im sick of going to youtube and load for like freaking 8mins for the song. Its sorta worth it la thought. XP

Living in kampung life feels like having a CFCamp for like one whole week. XD But the diffrent part is that u get to play PSP and PS2 with them here! XD Thus the amount of kids i have to take care has greatly decrease. XP Naughty me..

My training with Dissidia is still going on. Currently i have like 60% of my characters level 100 already. Woohooo!! Let me show a little bit off by tell you guys.. XP

Warrior of Light, Garland, Frionel, Onion Knight, Cecil Harvey, Tina Branford, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Squall Leonheart, Zidane, Kuja, Tidus, Jecht. So far thats all lo.. My next character is.. Cloud of Darkness, Butz Klausner, Ultimecia, Gabranth and who knws.. mayb Shonotto. XD

But seriously.. i've been spending my time with my phone more that my PSP. XD I've been smsing more than 3 people and only 1 person always reply. and that person has been spending most of his/her money on me i believe since smsing each other must a royal pain the wallet. XD

Well i take this apportunity to thank him/her for temaning me most of the time during the holidays. Anyways we had a great time chating as well. Am i right? PeiYin. XP

I'll be back before Sunday and me and my friend is planing to have a surpise attack CNY special. Am i right, Munwai? XD Who knws me might be attacking one of your house. hehehehe.. *grims* Tell us your address and we might visit you. XP

Anyways.. hope all of u out there whose having CNY have fun to the max!! Especially form 5 cause it might be your last.. And those who dont celebrate CNY have fun too since it s a FREE holiday without angpao. XD

People angpao for me arh!!! I want angpao. For some reasons.. XP

Monday, January 26, 2009

Found out Something..

I just found out something in youtube!! YUI can freaking sing english song!! Well.. shes not usingh prefect english but shes a japanese!! Cannot blame her ma..

Just listen to the song that she sings first..

Goodbye to You by YUI

Now listen to the original singer sings!!

Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch

Okay, it sounds 70% diffrent i believe and some parts arent the lyrics that i think they are. XD Well still YUI tried to sing english and she did! XD Congrats!!!

I really need YUI songs.. dang..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Dissidia: Hall of Fame!

I've been playing Dissidia for 1 month plus already. Now im starting to really understand the game now!! XD (the game still doesnt boreds me. Sorry. XD)

I just discover how to get lvl99+ equipment for you characters already. XD Well equipment plays a very important role in the game. Even knw u have lvl100 character but trust me, without strong equipment, you character is still lousy.

So i got my final answer already. i know who is my best of the best character in the game already. Even my little cousin love to use this character. Guess who?? Heres some hint..
A. Onion Knight
B. Cecil Harvey
C. Cloud Strife
D. Squall Leonheart
E. Tidus
F. Sephiroth
G. Jecht
Okay now guess!! Grab the paper beside of you and the pen on your right and write the answer!! (Just for Fun.. XD)
Okay now..
The answer is..
Jeng.. Jeng.. Jeng..
Tidus!!! The Dodge Attacker!
Thats right, Tidus!! The quickest, chainest character i ever had in the game. With this character i can fight with lvl 110 characters also can. (there are lvl 110 characters in the game but only CPU can use..) My Tidus is like the top in my Dissidia list..
Used Character the most: Tidus
O attack the most: Tidus
Square attack the most: Tidus
Ex Mode the most: Tidus
Ex Burst the most: Tidus
Highest lvl in the game: Tidus
KO character the most: Tidus
Yeap... so overall Tidus is my first, favourite and strongest character in the game. Even my little cousin who is only 7 years old know how to use Tidus after teaching him like 2 minutes only. Easiest character to use.
Me and Nat are training Tidus but im gonna show off abit.. i dont think his Tidus will match mine since i have master 67% of his abilities thus all his equipment are lvl99+ so.. Nat!! Go find another favourite character la!! Cause.. Tidus is mine!! XD
Ace of the Blitz!! -Tidus-

Tidus the best.. Come on im ready for "your" challenge!!

hinting: Tarvin. Michelle, Nat and his brother..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Miss You..

Dang.. i these few days and EVEN knw its only as few days.. i've already start to miss you so.. so much..
The last time i saw you was.. friday.. and friday was also the last time i heard you.. I just can stop thinking about..

I really need you by myside always.. even i usually looked and you dont really look back.. but thats good enought. I knw that both of us are from diffrent kind of world..

Everybody is dying to go for you even knw its looks impossible now.. I have tried my best.. enough is enough..

All i wanna do is.. hear you voice over and over again.. Thats just good enough for me.

I Miss you..

YUI!!!! XD

I seriously need her songs la.. Sorry la.. Its a penyakit already. XP

See People also feel bad la.. XD

Dunno why.. but i like this picture.. not only because of YUI but something else.. you will get what i mean smart people. X)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Where am I?

Well im currently not at PJ anymore. Its time to fly!! XD

Im not at ALOR SETAR!!! XD Wooohoooo!! Kampung here i come!

FYI: Anyone wanna look for me.. dont call my house phone. Its a freaking waste of time. XP

The place where my childhood memories is filled with. XP its time to catch chickens, fishing, running around naked like i used to be already. XD (Just joking..)

Happy Chinese New Year Minah~~~!!!

I hope my days in alor setar will get my mind off things. XP
Currently Listening to: Nothing (dammit no YUI songs here! D8)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chances? 1%..

Windmill, Windmill for the land..
Just forever, Hand in Hand..
Take it on and on your stride..
It is thicking, Falling Down..
Love forever, Love is Free now..
Talk forever, You and Me..
Windmill, Windmill for the land..
Is everybody in..?

Feel Good Inc -Gorillaz-
If ever you love me you say..
Its okay..

Empty Apartment -Yellow Card-
Koi Shichattanda Tabun Kidsuitanai Deshou?

I've Felled In Love, You probably havent notice have you?
Che.R.RY -YUI-
Yowasa Mo Itami Mo
Dono Kurai Kanjiteru no?
Tarinai Kinou ni Obore..
yume ni kaita kyou..
Sorowanakutemo yeah yeah
Yoake Mae no Mabataku Hoshi wa
Kiete itta no? Asu e itta no?
Tomorrow Never Knows
Its Happy Line..
How much do you feel this pain and weakness?
Drawing myself in worthless yesterdays..
I write my dreams on today..
even though they're incomplete.. Yeah Yeah
The twinkling stars before daybreak
Have they disappeared? Will they be back?
Tomorrow Never Knows
Its Happy Line..
Its Happy Line -YUI-
Onaji Uta Wo Kuchizusamu Toki,
Soba ni ite I Wish..

When we're humming the same song,
To be next to you, I wish..
Good-Bye Days -YUI-

I think thats enough la.. Well these song is something really really related to what im facing right now.. but now.. i think its probally useless already..

After hearing from what Tarvin said abt some "bad news" I felt very depress.. fell like giving up. I think.. we werent meant to be together at all.. or should i say.. I SHOULDNT be with you at all..

When i walk south you walk east.. when i walked up, you walked down.. thats what i've been noticing.. everytime i have a chance to meet you something just jumped out and stopped us. Does that mean we're not fated?? I've calcalated our chances of being together and the answer is 1%

I've heard my suggestions from Tarvin and Nat.. now the last answer that i wanna hear from is.. Suilun. Tell me what to do la Suilun.

Forgive me for being such bitchy attitude to you guys now a these days.. Just let me listen to my songs and sing.. thats will make me feel much better.

What can stop me from thinking so much is.. YUI + Me Singing. X)

Currently listening to: Its Happy Line -YUI-

Monday, January 19, 2009

A little Depress..

Well today i went to school and some.. some incident made me a little bit emo.. I can say it out UNLESS my blog is in private which i dont want. XP

Well all i just wanna say is.. I tried soo hard to just get some or mayb just a little attention.. Nothing really worked out.. inface your sorta avoiding me or something.. is that so??

I can stay like thsi forever.. im a guy also you know.. i might fall for someone else mayb.. or soon.. which i dont want to and that will make me a FREAKING PLAYBOY!! Im can hold on forever..

I know im sorta saying bull shits now.. well i dont even knw she likes me or not.. XP Well just crapping here. X)

Well i think its only small matter.. and i believe every other guys thinks the same way as well.. depress due to this little story. I should be understanding by now..

Im just here to release what i feel.. thats what blogs are meant for right?? XD

~ Back to Happy mode ~ X)

Current listening to: Am I Wrong -YUI-

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Played...

I play PSP!! I play Soft toys!! I play.. erm.. WHAT ELSE U WANT ME TO SAY!? XD

After seeing my sunday school friend bringing their guitar.. i notice that the guitar is a little bit bigger compared to other guitar. Thus i remember that Tarvin told me that the guitar that YUI played is Accoustic Guitar which is a bigger size guitar compare to other types of guitar.
John brought his Accoustic Guitar which looks exactly like YUI's one!! Seriously!! The size and shape!! God Dammitt.. feel like stealing his guitar for a moment.
Come to think of it.. I WANT A ACCOUSTIC GUITAR!! Actually when i was young i wanted to play guitar i believe that everybody does la.. why am i playing piano now?? Cause my house have no guitar and my brother and sister knws how to play piano.. hrm..
I want a Accoutic guitar x100!! I dont mind even if i dont knw how to play the damm thing i just want it!! But its better if i have a FREE tutorial like Suilun. XD Mayb Tarvin can teach. XP
Bloody Hell!! The Guitar looks damm cool!!
This is how YUI's first accoustic guitar looks like. I want it too!!
Come to think of it.. my birthday is coming!! (not to say LOA la.. XP) I want a accoustic guitar people!! XD Or mayb..
Yeah, a keyboard how abt that of course!! XD
Even knw, i knw nuts abt piano but i have the feel to play it since it a little bit more easier to play learn than guitar. XP So why not a keyboard!! XD
If i asked my mom to buy then i will have to go for piano lessons which i dont want too!! Thus they will start pushing me to play piano everyday just like how to used to treat my sister.. I DONT WANT THAT!!

The big one with paddle and hard keys are the best kind of keyboard i want!! But the bad part is they are not portable.. sobs.. nvm i still one!!

Dammit.. so early then wanted soo many things.. XD Damm greedy la me. XP

Something on Sunday

Sunday is like any normal sunday la today.. but the extra part abt today is.. There are like 4 accoustic guitar around the corner!! It reminds me of YUI!! D8

This is what happend when i was chating with Suilun in class.. this is a part of it cause most of it is like SECRET!! Unless my blog is private which is not!! XP

Bla.. Bla.. Bla..

YuMing: Even YUI gives me more attention than "her".

Suilun: How can?? You cant even see her!!

YuMing: At least YUI looks at me right!?

Suilun: How so!?? D8 *stares at me shockingly*

YuMing: Aiya easy la.. I looked at her through the pictures and shes looking at me as well la!! XD

*After 2 seconds*

Suilun: *knocks his head on the table* Giggles.. XD

It took Suilun freaking 2 sec of get the joke!! XD

Choir was pretty much normal.. but i noticed.. that SuiYuan freaking improved his voice!! He doesnt shout anymore but he actually SINGS already!! GREAT improvement SuiYuan. *Claps*
Thus i think MY VOICE has improved as well! 8D I sang with John "How to Save a Life" today and i notice.. my pitch can reached a higher limit!! 8D Woohoo!! YUI high pitch songs, here i come!! XD

AGM session was changed into "Get Along Session" which is great! Cause we dont talk abt those money here and money there thingy.. profit.. ITS NOT FORMAL la! In fact we play games during that time!! 8D

Im a secondary comittee again!! Woohooo!! Suilun, ShuMei, ShuXian, Jusryn and Justin are the upper rank of us man!! Congrats!! You guys have more works to do than us!! XD Live with it!! XD

Some LION group can in and add some talking session in.. that was the boring part of the "Get Along Session" What a waste of time!! But theres some conversation happend back at my place..

The Host: We are the LIONS. L.I.O.N.S.. bla..bla..bla..

*behide there..*

Bryan: Eh!! Im CATS!! C.A.T.S!! XD

*I thinked for 3 seconds*

YuMing: Oh!! Im CIMP!! C.I.M.P!! XD

(You wont get the joke unless u seen before my CIMP shirt XP)

After that Suilun teach me to improve my Good-Bye Days and it was done like 10mins!!! 8D His damm pro.. such a short time then can gau time ady. XD

I went home and played Dissidia.. after last night (saturday) fighthing with Nat in Dissidia.. I FINALLY KNW WHO TO USE JECHT!! Wow.. Jecht's combo rocks wei!! XD My next lvl 100 in my list!! Btw.. THANKS NAT!! XD

Sunday is off.. now back to typical school days.. damm..

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My Another Brother..

Well if those who knw me.. i meant as really really knw who definately knw whose my another bro.. First of all.. His brown.. but his chinese!! XD Meet Suilun!! XD

Yeah.. this unhandsome, unretarded, uncute, unstupid guy is Suilun. XD

Suilun is not exactly my brother.. WERE NOT BLOOD RELATED!! XD Thats the main thing.. We are brothers from another mother.. and another father!! XD Why we are brothers?? Cause there is some chain here and chain there until he became my brother.. thus we have alot of things in common. Dont we Suilun?? XD
Hear him play piano.. you will get the shock of your life..

Suilun is not only my brother.. his my piano teacher!! My first and only piano teacher. It all begins with Price of Freedom.. now?? Good-Bye Days!! XD The BEST part is.. its a piano lesson for FREE!! XD
One thing best abt Suilun.. he freaking reliable!! Proof??
You can find this in his blog.. which is linked below CheeKay's link and above Weigin's link.
Why am i promoting him?? One is... He deserve to be promote in my blog. Two is.. his an idiot who doesnt promote himself much (but he didnt call me to do this.. i wanted to do it myself.) Three is.. I owe him lots of things.. lots and lots of it and this is the only thing i can do. X) other than Tarvin and Nat, Suilun is like one of my best brothers man. X)

No one can call him a retarded or an idiot.. cause.. ONLY I CAN CALL HIM THAT!! XD

We dont act like Brothers.. WE ARE Brothers!! X)

Btw, abt the same shirt and the retarded looking face in the picture is not what u think it is.. His gay (just joking. XP) .. not me.. XD Thus i got YUI with me ady. XD

P/s: Suilun, thanks for teaching me 3/4 of Good-Bye Days. X) With this post i dont owe u anything anymore then. XD

Posting abt guys are like SUPER GAY!!! I should post something abt GIRLS sometime.. mayb next time la. X)

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Saturday School

Nothing really much happend on saturday.. Since lots of the jokers in the class are missing so the class is a little too quiet. but the bright side is that i can FOCUS more in class! XD

Chemistry was FUN!! Its Issint really because theres experiment. Well its because me and Tarvin have learned something very new abt girls from Celine..

Subject title: How does PMS feels??

Celine: You wanna knw how it feels??

YuMing: Ya! Ya! YA!!

Tarvin: OMG.. this going to be soo intresting!!

Celine: It feels like..

*It was silent for like 2 secounds*

Celine: It feels like your balls are being punched every second.

YuMing: Owwwwww!! *shouts in pain*

Tarvin: SHIT!!!!!!

Celine: And! And! And!! You have to survive that for 2 days straight!! XD

YuMing and Tarvin's reaction: D8

From that minute onward.. me and Tarvin finally feels the PAIN of the girls.. WE FEEL THE PAIN MAN!!! *ouch...*
Finally "she" replied me!!! XD Happy ady la.. tonight can sleep ady.. X)

Currently listening to: JAM -YUI-

Nothing but YUI

After Nat introducing to me "Taiyo No Uta" Im obbess with YUI!!! XD Well not just only the looks but the song as well. XD Seriously.. she has a baby-face but her voice is shockingly beutiful. XD Heres are some of my favourite song.

The Best is still.. One and only.. Like always..

Good-Bye Days

From the first time i hear it through Nat's phone.. I know that this is a nice song already one. X) Well after watching "Taiyo No Uta" the has been like a piece of my brain cells in my head already. Problally one of the most bonding song i ever had. XD and i believe lots of people love this song as well. Am i right? X)
Thats my most favourite one.. Now lets carry on with the other songs of hers.
I heard LIFE before in bleach.. one of the bleach endings la.. but i didnt knw that it was YUI the one singing it!! XD Life is a fast song but.. it sounds a little bit emo.. You will get what i meant if u read the english translation la. XD
Tomorrow's Way
This song is typically emo.. but its not 100%.. this song is very nice at the verse but once the chorus comes in. WOW!! You can feel the song already.. Thats also where her high pitch voices comes out.. Beutiful..
One of the songs that hitted me during "Taiyo No Uta" this song is pretty much of high pitch.. and the saddest part is.. its soo high pitch that i cant sing it!! Sobs.. But still this song is nice.. espeacially when its performed in the movie. X)
Rolling Star
My very first YUI song i ever heard. This song is the only plain rocking song i heard from YUI so far.. and yet still one of her best songs ever. (She said it herself) The MV of this song is simple beutiful and through watching the making of it.. its pretty much hard.
My Genaration
This is one of the fast song that i liked in YUI's album. And this song is like the latest of YUI. XD Well.. this song makes u jump around.. If you watch the MV, u will get what i mean. The song is really talking abt out teenager's genaration. XD
I Remember You
This song is also the same like tomorrow's way.. the verse doesnt really hit u yet.. but when the chorus comes. You can feel the song already. XD But this song is faster than Tomorrow's Way.. still i liked it!! XD
This song is nice.. but for Nat its VERY NICE!! (thats what he says) This song is YUI's very first album.. Well for a new singer.. this song is good enough to up her fame. I believe lots of people liked it. But.. i prefer the Accoustic version of this song. Dunno why.. XP
There are lots more.. but i cant find the album picture, so cannot post out. XP
Like i said before.. YUI is 100% in the CUTE category. But in the pretty category.. u have to see her in some angles la.. some times she can look diffrent. IT DEPENDS!! Here are some examples which i can find..
This one is the CUTE category one..
And this one is the PRETTY category..
Okay im knw im damm lifeless la.. Sorry la!! *totally speechless* Okay back to reality.. Cute or Pretty doesnt really matter.. what really attracts everyone is her amazing voice. NUMBER ONE MAN!! XD
Im getting soo not loyal.. may is because im not really getting attention from "her" believe it or not, we didnt talk for the whole week. But still i have to been understanding that shes a busy girl. X) But still i feel bad for not being very loyal.. since we only can see each other once in a while. X(
Whenever your emo.. YUI songs helps!! Im Serious!!

A New Job!!

Finally today was the day to choose our kokurikulum stuffs and everything. It was pretty much late.. Well.. its not surprising for my school la. XP

What did i decided to join?? My B.Uniform is comfirm KRS ady one since i was in KRS for like.. 4 years straight!! But the club thingy was just the only problem.. Last year i joined Arts Club (for some reasons..) and before that form 3 i joined chinese society, and form 2 and 1 was Chess Club. This year what leh??

Guess this im deciding to join.. SPBT club and English Club!! XD Well.. I joined English cause i wanna try out for the Drama Team.. Im not much of an actor but i will try. Thus.. I joined english cause Tarvin, Vania, Raine, Riyal, Adri, Lynn.. erm.. lots of my friends is inside la!! XD

And i joined SPBT is because that was the only activity which is not in my full scedule. XP Thus the 7 Bachelors are inside!! XD That will problally make the activities more intresting. X)

Lots of people asked me to join Kembara Club (due to some reason..) But i decided not too.. well too bad the activities are not match with my schedule.. too bad then. X(

After that we have our Rumah Biru meeting. Its time to vote for who to be in what shoes.. But this year's one is kinda dissapointing.. cause the teachears all picked for us already! D8 and all of them are form 6!! D8 Dammit.. but still there are some jobs lefted for us.

Izzaty and Huiee said that they are going to nominate in no matter what already.. But still there is no job that fits me! Too bad.. BUT BUT BUT.. until the teacher mentioned "Penghiasan Rumah" I was like stunning there already.. (FYI, i knw how to draw de.. XP *shows off*)

At first no one mentioned my name.. Suddenly Nicholas from my back shouted my name!! Then Tian Loong shouted also.. after that the others start shouting already. Damm.. Then most of my friend voted me. Megan, Lynn, Nicholas, Tian Loong, Huiee, Izzaty and even Nathanael which is not in Biru voted me!! (he pontenged his meeting.)

In the end, i won the vote and got the job.. let me say it one more time..


Yeap... that my job.. Its sounds sissy but still im okay with the job!! 8D Since im in charge of the decoration and whatever shit.. Im gonna make some one as mascot. First victim in the list: Huiee. You watch out!! XD

Guess this is my last year of school and I hope the kokurikulum that i picked can bring lots and lots of joy. X)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Figured It OUT!!!

Guess what?? Guess what?? Guess what?? I fainally manage to play "Good-Bye Days" CORRECTLY!!! Wooohoooo!!

I think that u guys are thinking.. "So what??" XD

Thanks to Suilun for teaching me for a few keys only for the right hand and i fianally manage to figure it out!! Wooohooo!! All i need now its the CORRECT chords for the left hand. Suilun reply my message ASAP please.. XP

Today was sorta like RKA day.. but sightly better.. cause my parents dont have to come to school and take the report card. BUT BUT BUT.. we still have to bring it home and let our parents and sign. So Yeah.. its still RKA day.. Damm..

I was asking around the corner..

"Where are u mining yur graveyard??"

And Tarvin said..

"Under my table!! XD"

So... lets just wish me good luck.. May the FORCE be with all of you, my friend!! XD

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flipping through my Album..

Just some pictures that I've taken my self.. well those are just great memories.. X)

Being Click 4!! XD LBS was great la.. X)
Caught Squeezing a bread and eat.. Yuck!! XD

Cosplayed as Ichigo.. Waaa.. I still got the costume!! XD

Hugging the largest bear i ever seen.. (FYI, thats XinYi's bear bear. XP)
Stalked during having a afternoon spam during CFC. D8

Washing some sticky dishes during CFC. Eww...

Caught slacking off in the canteen during CFC.. XP
Got ready for the lunch!! CFC rocks man!! XD

Never see me cook before?? Nows yur chance. XP

Trying to act cute during Librarian trip.. Arhh!! Thats NOT ME!! Arh!!

Mde my very own first game!! XD

Got caught by a fluffy black bunny!! D8

Caught doing something horny.. erm i can explain.. seriously!!

Get my ass kicked by the black bunny again.. Grr...

Kick back the bunny's ass back!! XD

Beeing locked up during Librarian Trip.. sobs..

Sawed a GHOST!!! D8

Got my very own PSP.. Sobs.. damm happy.. sobs..
Being a Monster Hunter wannabee. XD
Have to wear a sarung during Librarian trip. XP
Got my Bleach ass kicked by Tarvin during LenPing's B'day. I'll get you!!
Took my very first picture with mei mei. (JinHwei) X)
Got cutted hair in school. Damm ugly arh!! Thats not me!!
Being Superman in Class. XD
Being Superman during Librarian Trip. XD

Let Huiee surpass my height! FOR ONCE ONLY!!!

Being a Zack wannabee in class.. Thats one ugly Zack. XD

Wash dishes for Chinese New Year caroling. Good boy leh.. XP

Caught Pee-ing in public. Do u think its real?? XP

Posing with 2 kimono girls during LBS. XP

Playing Tarvin's Crisis Core during Nat's B'day.

Doing Crossover with MingLong during LBS.

Wow.. i cant believe i did all that in one whole year.. time sure flies.. I hope this year is going to be one heck of year like 2008. ALL THE JOY!!!

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