Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School Days so what!?

Haiz... going or not going to school doesnt really make a difference.. its still bored.. but things started to change when my brother suddenly turn into good mood! 8D No.. No.. No.. the computer still has pincoded. (damm..) but but but.. now he lets me play the PSP!! 8D Yay!! Im playing games again.. thanks br0.. X)

I got A for Mod-Maths!! Well.. anyone can get A la right.. but who cares! I got A for M-Maths!! Muahaha! What about other subjects?? Lets not talk about it.. just leave it and go!! TRY to enjoy the holidays then! XD

I played face book again for like 30mins.. i still dont know what is sooo nice about Facebook?? What its sooo nice about it people?? Honestly.. all i do in facebook is to grab pictures.. XD Speaking of pictures here are some extra pictures that i lefted out during wesak day. XP

I dunno why.. but i like this picture!! Suilun was giving me the chords for every single buddhist song that he knows. XD

The walk begins.. John and Justin making fun around!! Funny..

During the walk we sang!! And i was playing with YUI Tan!!

Sing.. Sing.. Sing.. Yuming daydreams.. XD

Through this time wesak and the walk.. i will never never do that again!! Whats that?? Wear a cap and play guitar!! I problally look better without the hat.. dont you guys think so?

Square-Enix created a new game, its called Last Remnant!! And Tarvin has it! So i ran to his house just to play that game.. Tarvin told me it was a hit and run game.. like pokemon and any other final fantasy battling i thought is going to be boring or shitty.. but it turns out nice!! 8D Yes. its in pokemon fighthing style but its diffrent.. you dont just stare at your character to attack.. you must click to while your character is attacking.. quite nice.. X)

Graphics?? Of course good la!! Its from square-enix mah!! XD The story line is more of pollitics.. which i dont really care.. its something like FF12 la but better of course!! XD Hope i can play this game la.. X)

People are playing Maple Story again due to the new jobs.. its like a small event called "Knight of Cygus" i thought its going to be bullshit as well.. but it looks cool... XD But maple its still maple.. i wont play it again. But here not the main point..

Remember the Korean girls which my brother like? Called "Girls Generation". I found out that they are making the commersial for Maple Story Knight of Cygus!! D8 Take a look...

Seriously.. no comment...

Currently im playing these games in PSP..
Phantasy Star.. people say its like awesome and really nice.. but i think its just okay.. the only things that digs me in this game is the weapon which are like laser-ish. XD

Yeap, Bleach Heat the Soul 6 is out!! Which includes the character of Movie 3 the other Rukia.. thus the storymode this time reached to the time when Urahara is still young and captain.. the incident on how the Vaizards turn in hollows.. the games its just typically the same.. just that the soul amount decreases... and theres a mode called MAX power in the game.. thats all no difference.

I miss playing Monster Hunter 2!! I want to play Monster Hunter again!! Even if i have to start new game again i dont mind!! XD Thus, i want to play Tales of the World Radiant Mythology again as well!! I havent even finish the game!!

Tomorrow going to CFCamp!!! And im EXCITED!! XD Cant wait for the camp to BOOM!! Thus tomorrow is teachers day.. FARK I CARE!! XD PSP here i come!!