Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exams day 2

Everybody thinks that BI paper is going to be like *snap* that easy.. but its a no no no for my mid term exams.. Whose the one that make the paper ah?? Pn.Chung right? Okay.. FARK YOU!!!

I studied "If" and "Sound Machine", truelly it came out.. but sadly i never even seen such questions before!! Its just waaaaay to high standard.. Die la.. no 'A' ady.. sobs.. Its not just the literature part which is hard. The summary is like SHIT only!! Cannot find points at all!! D8 This kind of summary need 90% brain power..

Paper 2 was hard like shit.. Thank god that paper 1 is faaaaar more easier than paper too. Fuh... XD Paper 1 questions are very easy.. i think that the part where u have to score lots and lots of point in order to get 'A'. XP Here are the questions to share for my other friend which are from other school. Who knows you might get the same question as well. XP (Say thank you!!)

Section A: Write a speech about what are the ways to help to protect the earth.

SectionB are like 5 questions one right?? I dont remember the others but i do remember the what is the question that im writing.. and its very easy..

Section B: (a) My first day at school.

Easy eh?? I wrote 537 words in this essay. Dunno wanna write sooo much cause i havent even finish my section A yet. XP (I did section B first..) Tarvin that dumbass acted "sooo smart". He wrote like 1000 words plus!! Later spelling mistakes and the words very ugly then you kena! XD (just kidding man.. you knw that wont happend)

Tomorrow Moral paper only.. shit la.. for 30mins of studying all i remember is "Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan" XD Study Study..

Still got another 30mins.. im going to make another post soon.. XP