Friday, May 22, 2009

Exams day 11+12 (end)

I hate to say this but.. i want to say this!! XD "MUAAHAHAHAHAHA My exams is over!!!" XD To my other fellow friends.. good luck la.. XD

Exams day 11:

Chemistry paper 2 then only paper 1.. after looking through the paper.. the i know already.. I flunked chemistry.. no hope.. die liao..

Paper 2 was like.. BLANK!!! No doubt that its going to be less then 50 marks already.. Paper 1 was ABCD, so i definately can answer all. XD But i have totally no confident in the paper.. I still have to say.. FLUNKED.

My school started giving us Add-maths project.. seriously.. i never heard to such project in my whole life!! Never!!! Is there really such kind of things?? Well, if it contains marks for SPM then i'll out in effort to do!! XD Shouldnt be a problem since my mom is a AM teacher. XP

Exams day 12:
I used to remember that the last day of exams is always the day the easiest paper among all paper.. but my last like is one of the hardest subject of all.. Physic paper 2.

Seriously.. i manage to do my physics paper.. but still i have no confident in the answers i gave.. but still.. i really really hope that i can pass. X) Pray for me people..

I know how to play [again] YUI on piano already.. i even recorded it down!! XD So im going to post in youtube anytime. X) Keep in touch yeah!!

The first level of form 5 life is complete... whats next?? I dont know... Lets just say that its only the begining. X)