Friday, May 22, 2009

A little bit of This and That

Lets see what can i do with this post hrm..

Okay like i said before.. i did a YUI [again] piano cover and now its in youtube!! XD Check it out people!! X)
[again] -YUI- (By MIngzNYui)

Now now.. i've seen way better [again] covers in youtube.. and soo far.. this is the best one i ever seen. X)
[again] -YUI- (By sharinganITACHI777)

Like i've said.. this is waaaaay better then mine.. XP

But still, RATE and COMMENT people!! Support me! XD

Next.. a little bit of Kamen Rider News for Rider fans. XP

Kamen Rider Decade Final form is out!! And its called the "Complete Form" I have to say.. its ugly.. yeap.. still ugly.. the old one was better.. but the new one's belt is waaaaay cooler looking.. its a touch screen style!! 8D

There it is.. Now, not only Decade has its new form.. even Kuuga has a new form!! Its called the "Rising Ultimate Form" its something like Agito mixed with Kuuga's final form.. its looks cooler and more devilish.. but its looks pretty fat.. take a look..

Nice eh?? Well heres another something for KR fans.. its a poll for kamen rider series from season 2 (from kuuga towards decade) so heres the result of different polls.

Best Kamen Rider Henshin Effect:
1. Faiz 2. Decade 3. Kabuto

Best Kamen Rider Logo:
1. Kiva 2. Agito 3. Kuuga

Best Kamen Rider Theme Song:
1. Journey Through Decade -Decade
2. Justifaiz -Faiz

3. AGITO -Agito

Best Kamen Rider Looks:
1. Kabuto 2. Kiva 3. Faiz

I support Faiz and Kabuto!! both of them are still the best rider series i ever seen (since both of them got something to do with HIGH speed)!! The one i least support is problally Ryuki and Agito. Both of them just really dont gig me...

Candy, She is still cute in any shape and size.. X)

Being naughty here.. XD Anyways...

Anyone ready for this game?? Yeap, Kingdom Hearts 356/2 days is coming out soon.. which i still dunno when but its comfirm this year.. XD Hope my NDS emulator can support..