Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kamen Rider G

Kamen Rider G... heard of it?? Never in my entire life i heard of it. Thus its a 2009 kamen rider.. but issint Decade the 2009 kamen rider?? Hehe.. weird eh??

Japan studio has this game show called TV-Nihon. One of the games is called SMAP challenge.. I dunno what does that stands for but.. the game is about people making video of doing particular tasks. One of them is called Goro and he got this task called "Kamen Rider" so his job is to make a kamen rider in one week. Sounds hard?? Wait till you watch it..

After one week of hard work he manage they manage to make a kamen rider 20mins movie. They called it Kamen Rider G. Sounds weird but looks cool. XD The show was made by the real kamen rider staffs. How cool is that!! XD

Kamen Rider G. (sketch)

Kamen Rider G. (Real) Its ugly.. i know.. XP

Okay enough pictures and talks.. time for the movie. Yay!! *graps popcorns*

Kamen Rider G -part 1-

Kamen Rider G -part 2-

Cool eh?? I like part 2 where Decade comes in with all the other riders. Very intresting.. XD Thus the main girl character looks very very pretty as well!! XP Am i right guys?? The ending of the show was nice.. after the show is pretty much funny. XD

I have to say.. for only one week making.. this is a good show. X) 5 STARS people!!

Tomorrow english exams arh Yuming.. play play play.. (Im talking to myself again.. XP)