Monday, May 11, 2009

Exams day 4

Day 4 of my school exams and day 1 for some of the school's exams. My subject of exams today is.. Sejarah.. History!! Die la.. the only history i knw is last night i didnt study at all!! D8 Too busy having fun during wesak day. I just think history is not worth studying.. am i right?

I totally FLUNKED history.. i thought i was the only one who flunked it.. but i turns out quite amount of people teman me. Im still not happy.. Now i can 100% comfirm that i got one subject fail already.. D8 (My bro is gonna kill me..) Paper 2 was like SHIT, paper 1 was fairly easy.. XD (you all knw why)

Celine and Zhao Yang, I knw what you did.. *grims*
Racheal and Nicholas, I knw what you did too!! *grims*

Yay!! Tomorrow no exams. Actually got la.. but im not taking those subs. XP Chinese paper 2. Okay i heard that chinese paper 2 is always a royal pain in the ass.. SO, good luck to everyone who is taking the exams paper. May the Force of Chinese be with you! XD

Gonna take a quick break and then train my add-maths. Wish me luck!! X)