Sunday, May 17, 2009

Exams day 7+8

Lets see hows my exams going on? o.O

Exams day 7:
The most hardest exams in history is going to start!! Not chemistry, not physics, not biology (im not even taking biology. XD) but PJK!! XD Why issit the hardest? Cause there is no buku latihan for us to practise and do. D8 (even there is we dont farking care. XP)

After recess.. Accounts paper 1. Its kinda tough.. there are some answers which are pretty hard to find.. Complicated.. After the paper 1, i start to panic about paper 2 already.. issit going to be easy?? D8 Seriously.. im panic-ing.

Exams day 8:

Today is something like add-maths exams day.. but slighty better. It was physics paper 1 and 3. Paper 1 was tough... i brain is like BLANK. Nothing.. nothing is coming in!! D8 But but but.. its not always that sad for me la..

Paper 3 was easy.. waaaaaaay easy!! Even know i studied ripple tank but i dont knw how to do.. but theres a easier one. Ticker-timer!! Muahahaha!! One of the best physics paper i ever did in my life!! 8D Happy la..

I wish that paper 3 was paper 2.. paper 1 and 3 are not really important.. but paper 2 is was the hardest and the most marks one! Why la tell me why la..

I spaming megaman starforce 2 like mad!! The game is sooo addictive. XD But when starforce 3 comes out!! its going to be the best!! Muahahaha!! Love the graphics of the game la.. XP (notw: Im not studying again.. XP)

Btw, i made the [Simple and Clean] cover already!! Woohooo!! XD Please take a look then. XP Thus, i dunno why.. but i think japanese people love their songs with bar chords. o.O XD

Tomorrow its mathematics.. shouldnt be a problem i think.. i think.. okay spam megaman and then spam mathematics!! XD