Monday, May 11, 2009

Precious Pictures

These are like the pictures that i want for a long long time ago.. Until i start back facebook (30mis ago) and i steal pictures from other people there. Muahahaha!! (I bet people making reports and facebook police are on their way to catch me. D8) Lets get start then!! XP

BM Drama 2009
I never told you guys the story before right? So lets just make it short and clear.
Theme: Dunia Kita Syurga Kita.
The story goes like this, God and Devil are fighthing with each other to see whether humans need help or not. Then they show diffrent senerios that the audions might think that humans are doing something back.. in the end when a human representative (me) explain the whole true situation to them and the truth is what they human are doing is to help the world. Even knw we human are powerless to make a beutiful world but we human still work together to make the world we always wanted.
Story written by: Tarvin

Back to the pictures and see how we all looked like. XP
The angels and their god.

The Devils and their Queen

Both sides

The Devil Queen, Human and the God

Everyone IN!!! Im the tallest one!! Spotted??

Everyone IN!! (ver.2) XP I love this one. XD

The main staffs.
Angels~Devils~Lisa>>Tarvin>>WeiQian>>Me!! X)

Alright next piece of pictures! X)
Wesak Day 2009

One of the best 2 days of my life time. X) Last year's wesak was good.. but this year was even better ( i think..) If you want me to tell you the whole incident happend there.. next time la.. now no time. XP Lets just let the pictures do the talking. X)

Start from Wesak Ever bah!! XP

Have you seen this place before?? Never right?

BISDS!! The place where i've been going every sunday. X)

I took a candid with Bryan!! XD I ruined the picture.. seriously..

After that, that night i met back a long lost friend!!
Peiyin!!! XD The one of the right one!! (btw, left one is YanLeng. XP) The one in greeny shirt which says "Little Miss Curious". (o.O) Seriously i've not been seeing her for like 5 months already.. finally the shown up at wesak day. XD shes still so pretty

That all for Wesak eve.. But now the actual day!!
Meet BISDS choir~ One Voice, One Melody~ X)
You can never see the guys!! Never!! We're always block by the girls. (im saying that the girls are quite tall) The only guys who always appear in the pictures are Suilun.. =.= (stupid piano boy..)

OMG!! I can see us!! I mean, i can see the guys!! 8D

A little bit closer so i can spot myself.. justa little bit..

Ahhh~ Spot me now?? XP

We spam musics the whole day of wesak. X)

Drama and Wesak are so far the most joying event for this year. (so far..) Im looking forward to post about it next time after exams. XP Thus im also looking forward to the coming CFC. X)

Back to studies~ XD *picks up the video remote*