Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exams day 5+6

I havent been really updating my blog ever since sejarah test is over. This is because i've been doing lots of counting.. yeap lots and lots of counting.. you should know what am i facing..

Exams day 5

EST 1 and EST 2.. cheh!!! Piece of Cake!! EST 1 was slighty harder than EST 2. EST 2's essay is sooooo freaking easy! I freaking rock that paper.. X)

After recess.. dooms day! D8 My mom's favourite subject! Add-maths!! D8 I parctise progression and intregration last night since i think its the most popular question. In the end, spectation failed.. its only came out 1 progression and 1 intregration. Other are like okay okay okay.. behide? *BLANK* die liao la!!

I went home and told my mom everything, and not suprisingly she scold me. I not afaird of my mom.. all im afaird is my brother! o.O He has most of my mother's genes i think.. his scold is diferent then my mom cause is fiercer!! D8

Im scared so i spend the whole night practising every chapter of form 5 and some form 4 unitl 11.30pm. My brother saw me sooo hard working (for the first time) he told me that its okay.. if you cannot do then dont push yourself. Then i called me to go to bed. X) I really think that i have a great brother. But he still says that no more com and all those stuffs like my mom. Well then, head to bed and ZzZzZzZz..

Exams day 6
I was sooo worried of my addmaths that i woke up early this morning just to do it! D8 (miracle issint it??) Then i practise a little bit of logarism and get ready to school.

Exams moment.. paper 2 was slighty easier then paper 1. (i think..) I manage to do more question compare to paper 1 but i have no confident with my answer.. So, i get a little bit of help from Tarvin. XP (thanks man~ i owe you one) In the end exams over, preassure gone..

Tomorrow, the HARDEST subject in history!! PJK!!! The only subject which doesnt have a book to practise or read! hard anot?? XD Then, Accounts paper 1. I think i will study a little bit today.. X)

Currently im having a megaman FEVER!! Yeap, im spaming megaman games in my NDS emulator! XD God, they are soo much better and nicer then the one in GBA.

I downloaded Megaman ZX, Megaman ZX Advent and Megaman Starforce 2. Im more obbess of Starforce cause its similiar to Megaman EXE but much better! XD Like that game~ X) But still i got spend time on my FF3 was well! XP

Remember the cute taiwan girl i talked about?? Remember i told you that im obbess with her due to a dance? (if you dont scroll down and read!!) Well heres the video!! Finally found it! XD

First watch the MV, must stare at the dance moves only.. dont really bother of the MV. XP Enjoy the song as well!! Btw, its chinese.. XP

Jolin Tsai -REAL Man-

Keep the dance moves in your head.. now look at the copy of it.. by Candy.

Candy糖果 -REAL Man-

Similiar?? Similiar by 80% man!! Shes 16 but shes waaaaay hotter then the girl i ever meet!! XD She won the competition for that show! X) Yay!! Okay okay back to reality again..

Spam Megaman or Final Fantasy or study?? o.O Hrm...