Friday, May 8, 2009

Exams day 3

Day 3 which is the most unpopular subject, Moral. Everybody just "love" moral dont they? We study moral but do we used them?? Im not quite sure about that. XD

I studied moral like SHIT last night.. Yeah! I spam moral BIG TIME!! I remember like 60% of all nilais!! Good enough the effort paid off.. X) Moral was sorta hard.. but i think i did okay.. No problem!! Can say a little bit easy la.. XP Good for you YuMing *pats head* (talking to myself again..)

Chinese and Islam what next! Free time!! I didnt take chinese.. Evenknow i knw how to speak and write.. but its still my weakest subject (not until chemisty and physic came in) I hope everyone that i know who took chinese did a good job in their exams and my fellow islam buddies as well. X)

We played a game that Nick introduced to us a few days ago before exams starts. Its called..

Cows Eat Grass MOOMOO!!

The game is very simple.. everyone sits in the circle and for example the people and the position that we're sitting inside the game is Me>> Tarvin>> Megan>> Racheal>> Nat>> Huiee>> WeiSoong>> Roshan. 8 of us la. The word that we must say is One, Cow, Eat, Grass, MO. follow on by Two, Cow, Eat, Grass, MO!! Heres an example..

Me: One
Tarvin: Cow
Megan: Eat
Racheal: Grass
Nat: MO!!
Huiee: Two
WeiSoong: Cows
Roshan: Eat
Me: Grass
Tarvin: MO!!
Megan: MO!!
Racheal: Three
*the game continues*

Means each person say a word one at a time, the number cows will be the number of Mooss that we will be making. Starting is easy (unless your a dumbass) but when it gets bigger number like 10~12. The number of Mooss will increase and everyone will start to be confuse. Thus the gameplay goes faster and faster. Whoever who says extra or less number of Mooss and also slow will kena smack, slap by all the other players!! XD Fun eh?? Nat was the dumbass of the game.. he always lose count on the Mooss we said. XD

When home and took a good rest for 30mins and then.. FF3!! XD I acted like it was the last day of exams. XD Here are my FF3 characters just to show off to Tarvin. XP

Luneth -Ninja- lvl42 Arc -Ninja- lvl42
Refia -Sage- lvl42
Ingus -Blackbelt- lvl42

Ninja jobs just rocks man!! They are fast, strong, and deadly. Especially their ability to throw items at enemies which will do x3 damage. 8D Sage is the strongest mage in the game so i need at least one to heal and cast black magic. XP Blackbelt has high HP to support my team from dieing easily.

In the afternoon Joseph suddenly called me and heres the coversation.. Its dumb and lame let me tell you first..

Joseph: Hey YuMing whats your blog link again arh?

YuMing: Oh, its

Wait arh.. *tapping buttons* dun have la..

YuMing: Haiya, i tell you what you click on google and search for "memoriezbeyond" the one with the blogspot is mine already la.. (lazy to tell him cause playing FF3)

Joseph: Okay okay..*tapping buttons* where got!!

YuMing: Cannot be what!! Check again!!

Joseph: The "My Goodbye Days" Issit??

YuMing: Ya! Ya! That one!!

Joseph: OH.. means i found it a long time ago la.. but i tought its was a girl's blog cause of the header!! XP

YuMing: =.=

My know my header sounds like a girl la!! Im going to change it one day~

Next week monday, Sejarah.. OMG.. Die liao la.. only like 52hours to study.. Make that 24 hours since im going to sleep over at temple tonight and spend the whole day in temple tomorrow due to wesak. XD

Come to BISDS Sunday School to celebrate Wesak Day people!! Its at BridFields (not sure the spelling) somewhere near MidValley!! X)

Happy Wesak People!!