Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exams day 1

Still having exams.. and still wanna play computer!? tsk..tsk..tsk.. No future.. (Im talking to myself again.. XD)

Today was the first day of exams and the subject is.. BM.

Thank god!! I studies Sabor and Virus Zel last night.. and guess what?? They came out!! 8D I was like snapping my fingers and doing the test paper. (that didnt really happend) Piece of Cake!! But the sorta screw up the syair part.. XP

Paper 2 was harder than Paper 1, I have to say.. Bina Ayat? Shit.. Peribahasa? Shit.. Others all okay.. Paper 1 was intresting.. Faedah Menabung.. Pretty easy eh?? Thus, theres one question about Patriotisme.. my teacher did in class before!! *snaps fingers again*

Thanks to you good luck last night, i was manage to did well in my exams. X)

(One i and that person know am i talking abt. XP)

Tomorrow BI.. suspecting "If" and "Sounds Machine" coming out.. Pn.Chung gave us a few tips already.. hope what she said is real la. XD

Study hard people!! God Speed!!
*Curi-curi plays FF3*