Thursday, July 2, 2009

These Days + Game Results

Alot of things happend lately.. well im just lazy to blog and also dont have the chance to blog. Lazy is because i need to train my Dragonica char and dont have the chance is because of Pincoded com. Isshhhhh..

National Service?? NS?? Nope not at all!!! Yes, i didnt kena NS.. everyone was like asking me here and there and also some of them also wish that i kena.. well sadly people, i didnt kena!! XD Nya~Nya!!

RKA/Opening/Report card day was like yesterday. Dad came and pick me up.. my mom was like "you have to go and take!!!" who is she saying it to?? my dad. XD My dad tried to scold me but in the end he just made some pratical jokes in then end both of us laughed. XD My mom?? She didnt have the chance to see my report card. Nya~Nya~ Another lucky day!!

2 ceremah we had in school these days.. one is abt stress and another one is about communication. The talk abt Stress is slightly more intresting.. It makes us think MORE positive. Well this is the word of wisdom which i created myself after the talk. (honestly from me myself)

Today is a Bad Day, Tomorrow will Good Day.
Today is a Good Day, Tomorrow will a Better Day.

Sounds wisdom?? XP

I finally got True Devil Slicer in MH2G! XD Whats next?? I need a stronger armor.. and i have just the armor in mind.. Khezu armor.. yeap the dick headed monster armor. XD Okay nvm abt that..

Playing monster hunter with Nat is FUN. Cause both of use the same armor, use the same weapon and also make the same amount of noise. XD Well killing monsters here and there with Nat sure is alot easier since his always the victim. Anyways.. he wont get any strong then me one la. XD

Killed Tigerx, Killed Shen-GaoRen, Killed Lao Shan Lung, whose next??
Yeap his next.. *grims*

I finally made out my change job for Dragonica ady. Assasin or Jester?? My choice.. Jester!! XD Jester sounds stupid.. but its and awesome job!! Its AOE skils are like no joke at all!! Kicks ass!!! So i changed my job into Jester!! XD

FYI: Those who are playing Dragonica, feel free to add me as buddy when im online. server: Elga. Name: ExDeath.

Prove how strong is Jester?? Take a look..

Need i say more??

I just notice that im one of the top 3 dragonica players in my class. (not in the school so geng la) well im going to catch up la!!
Bye.. Meow.. Bye. X)