Saturday, July 18, 2009

I totally ROCK in This!!

Played monster hunter again and again.. finally! I reach the exact same speed like Nat already!! (nya~nya~). No, Wait.. correction.. i think im far more better than Nat!!! Muahaha! *nose turns tall*

I finally slaned Naruga Kuruga!! Wait, you guys dont know whats that? let me refresh you guys..
Yeap, this is the farker.. looks like tigerx issint?? But this is waaaaaaaay easier to kill. Killing him was a piece of cake. (and i thought it would be hard) wan proves?? Take a look..

Saw that!? Still cant see??

Nah~ Saw that! I farking kill him!!

Tigerx is always my favourite dragon in Monster Hunter. Since now my Hunter Rank is higher. I have to kill 2 farking strong Tigerx at once. Killing one is a royal pain in the ass but two?? Die la.. But i manage to pull through. X)

I remember this guy?? Its called Rajang. When i played Freedom 2, i have problems killing it. But in 2nd G i manage to finish the mission. 8D I didnt actually kill him but i catch it. XP Make life alot easier. I told myself.. never fight this farker alone again.

The best part of the game is, I got new and cool armors!! 8D Check it out!

This is my OLD tigerx armor..

This is my new one!! 8D Looks more spiky. Getting this armor was a royal pain in the ass.. But worth it. X)

Next is my Naruga Kuruga armor!! The armor ability is quite useful. I get to dodge more attacks!! (dodge distance increase) 8D Thus I even got the weapon of Naruga Kuruga, Hidden Blade. Critical 50% and sharpness white!! Freaking awessome! Thus i equip Quick Eating abilty in the armor!! 8D Getting this armor and weapon and the abitly took me 1 and a half days to get it. Fuh..

Opss!! Gotta go guys~ Mom and Dad hunting me down!!
(Golden Rajang- Dad) (Black Rajang- Mom) (Hunter- Me)