Thursday, July 9, 2009

YUI Tan is BACK!!

Yeap, like i mention at the title, YUI Tan is BACK!! Woohoooo!!

YUI Tan can sing again already.. woohooo~ wanna know whose the hero of YUI Tan's voice?? He is.. Bryan Fong!! XD I owe him big time lar for helping to buy a new guitar strings. (of course i still owe him the money. XP) In the mean time, Bryan also brought a new beutiful guitar!! It looks something like Yui's one. Seriously.. I shall name his guitar then. Its shall be call Banana Jr!! XD

Now im going to make music and noises at home again!! Woohoooo!!!

Do you know that when yur emo, you will have more inspiration to write another new song. Few days ago i was in emo condition (due to some reason) and i got a melody stuck in my head and waaalah!! I made another set of chords for my another new song!! I even made the plucking this new song. I even figure out how to put violin, drums and electro inside. What i had in mind this time is make accoustic version and also a rocking type. BIG dream eh?? XD Im very free these days.. but i believe this song is gonna be good.. i think..

Since i got this song through emo-ness guess its going to be a little bit emo lyrics i guess.. XP Currently naming it "Broken Kite"

Trailes is like coming and im not really putting effort in my studies.. not a single bit!!! I did touch the books but not for long later.. POMP!! ZzZzZzZzZz... Still think i got hope??

My brother band me from playing Monster Hunter, cause he thinks that i will break the analog stick just like what i did last time on my first PSP. Im not mad that i cannot play.. but dont u think his a little bit paranoid? ~.~

Did i mention that i curi-curi go sunday school on the 7/7/09?? Well actually i did and i dont care what my mom says.. but its an important class trip that i MUST participate. Dun care what ever my mom says la..

Heres a little video about our class trip. Btw, its a trip to Taman Megah's Beutiful Gate. Sounds familiar?? Take a look then..

I get to meet my friends, sing, play guitar and gain merits. Those are the best part of the trip. X)

You dont treat me like the way you do.. or issit just me??

Back to Konon-nya studying~ XD