Friday, July 10, 2009

Its OUT!!!

Yeap its out.. one of my favourite game all time is out out out!! Woohooo!! Guess what game issit?? Its the game that i've been waiting for so so so long!!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days is OUT!! 8D

Yeap. i didnt know until i saw it on youtube. If is square enix company impossible that they will spoil the whole battle systems including hidden characters. SO Its proven that its not a gameplay from square-enix. The game is really FARKING out! 8D

After watching some gameplays all i can say abt this time's KH is.. simple. Doesnt mean the game is simple, the system of the game is just simple. Not much combos that you can do in this game. Thats the saddest part of all. But the limit breaks are diffinately not dissapointing!! Yeap there are limit breaks in this time's kingdom hearts!! Finally!!

The storyline of this game is rate 9.7/10 from gamefax. So it defaintely wont be dissapointing. X) the best part of the game is you can play in multi different characters!! 8D Yeap all organization 13 including Mickey, Riku, Coated Roxas and even Sora!! The only characters that you cant play is Xion (the new girl character) and also Xemnas.

This time's 358/2 days ending is not very beutiful.. Xion died and also the friendship between Axel and Roxas breaks.. the whole thing is just damm sad la.. Thus in the end in KH2.. Roxas will die as well and Axel will scarifice himself. All the 3 good friends.. die. Sad..

Bye bye Xion.

Bye bye friendship.

Okay enough of tears and everything, lets get down to the gameplay!!

First to proof that the game is really out.. Take a look at this.

Was i right?? Was i right that this game was out!! Muahahaha!! Okay now, im going to just show one gameplay of the game only since i dont wanna spoil the whole story to you guys. XP So take a look at this..

Believe me or not but this is the final part of the game already. The sad part is they said that you only can use Roxas Dual Wielder Keyblade form (also known as Coated Roxas) at the end of the game only. No, No, NO the final boss is not Riku. Believe me is not..

Awesome right the game!? 8D 358/2 days is out already.. now all im waiting is for Birth By Sleep. Which is rumored to come out next year. FARK!!! But i dont care i can play 358/2 days then enough ady. XP

This is Tetsuya Nomura.

I dont have a DS?? Yeap true i dont have DS but no worries, i got emulator mah!! *grims* all im worried is where to find the game and also hopefully my emulator can support la. X)

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