Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Class FUN~ XD

Okay heres something which i've been doing for the past few days in school..

First, im doing a "heartless or heartful" test among my classmates. Still dont get it?? Just continue reading on and you might understand.

I've been walking around the class being very very LOA and telling each person one by one this, I told them "(person's name), WeiSoong bully me!!!" (actually he didnt really bully me, just making it up! XD) whats next?? i will wait and see what will they react. Yeap and i did that to everyone in the class! XD So lets see is my class heartless or heartful.

Okay is proven.. that most of my classmates didnt really help much. Most of them even laughed at me. XD Lets see the results.

75% of them react like this.
"Yeah... so??" or "Em, okay." or "Uh huh."

20% of them react like this.
"Good job WeiSoong!" or *Claps claps*

5% of them react like this.
"WeiSoong you come here now!! Im gonna punch you!"

Yeah... so.. what do you think? XD Okay, if it was you.. what will you do??

Oh ya, among the 5% of them are Nicholas, Kaarthik, Nathanael and Racheal.
Nicholas: "WeiSoong, you see this fist here, its going right into your face man!"
Kaarthik: "WeiSoong!! Stop bullying him arh!! You think you chinese i scared you arh!?"
Racheal: "Aiyo.. WeiSoong how can you do that.."
Narthanael: "Oi!! WeiSoong!! Why you bully my dog!!!"

Okay mayb Nat's one doesnt count..

Thats not the only FUN thing that i've being doing in class.. we also played "Chi Ku Pa" and its not any normal "Chi Ku Pa" its a DARE Chi Ku Pa. The game is very simple.. very very simple..

-Example: 8 people are playing in a game.
-Sits in a circles.
-Starts Chi Ku Pa-ing by going one same direction.
-Among the 8 people, 1 will win and 7 will lose.
-The losers must remember the number placing that they died.
-Simply choose a person who is not involve with the game in class (that person must not be observing the game) to pick a number from 1 to 7.
-The number of the person choosen is the person if will take in the DARE.

Simple issint it?? I did all kinds of they in the one week.. i got 3 dares..
1. Breath very hardly beside Karman.
2. Act like your driving in the class and round the whole class 2 rounds.
3. Put Racheal's pencil box accesory into my shirt until she says stop!!

So far i got lucky for that week.. XD the best part of the game is you have 1/7 chance to get dared. XD Freaking funny game.

So far these are my funniest days in my class. X)