Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Am I??

Lets see.. im feeling awfully fine these days.. Still live on with life and of course im still alive.

I just notice that im 1st placing in dragonica in class. XD Nat and I both are first placing in dragonica. Well its just some worthless placing that wont really help us in studies. (Btw, im only lvl 29)

Im back with monster hunter!! My brother being paranoid?? Well.. the truth is i curi curi put in the game and walah!! Im playing it now!! XD You dont tell, I dont tell and he dont read this blog then no one will know. XD

YuMing stop stalking at people!!
! Yeap, im saying this to myself. I have to destroy this stalking people habit. People my think is okay but for me... i just felt so sin-ed!! D8 Stop Stalking.. erm.. lets just say its bad for the brain. XD

Playing Monster hunter with Nat alot these days. Finally, Nat is a better Monster Hunter player already. More capable and also his much more faster then me. But of course i believe im still better then him!! Right nat!? XD

NEVER EVER let Ranee knw that you have LocoLoco (whatever that spells) in your PSP!! Beware people.. ever seen a pegawas snatch a PSP and play?? Ranee is the example. XD

Had English and Add-Maths test these week. Add-maths is shit but english?? Was the HARDEST shit I ever did!! Its not as hard as addmaths but its still shit!! D8 I have to really really bulk up in my studies.

"I wish that theres no such thing as SPM" says YanLeng.

Yeap me too Yanleng.. sobs..

Speaking BM in classs.. yeap not English but BM!! XD Why?? Cause to help my very beloved *coughs coughs* friend, Nathanael in his BM. So speaking BM might (might..) help right?? XP

Learning lots of songs on the guitar these days. I use to dont like "The Climb" but after hearing it over and over again. I think the song is okay la.. so i learned the guitar!! XD

You talked to me once.. so.. are you not talking to me anymore??

Tomorrow Maths exams.. can la.. XD