Friday, July 3, 2009

I MIss You Guys..

For now.. this post.. lets do a little less typo and more pictures.. kay?? X)

I never and also havent post any pictures about Nalanda competition to you guys to see eh?? Well heres some of it!! X)

The crowds and Supporters..

The stars!!! You can easily spot me one la~ Spot me! Spot me!

Me and Guitar in Action!!! (thats not YUI Tan, its John Jr.) XD The star guitarist!! Oh, and the right is WuiTing. Our star solo singer!! X)

Our star joker, John!! XD And behide (the girl on the right) is our star perasan XinYi. XP

Honestly, i never take pictures with YanLeng before.. and this is the first one!! XD The similarity is both of us dont smile!! XD They dont call us Brother and Sister for nothing~

Beside Nat and Huiee, John and Suelyn are one of the weirdest couples i've ever meet!! XD But doesnt mean both of them are weird.. XD

What i miss the most is..

This day~ X) Hope it can come again.. X)

Of course i also got miss something else.. not just sunday school thingy.. but they are first in line.. XP

I miss YUI as well!! I havent been really hearing her songs. Only sing.

Merajuk face.. KAWAI~DESU!! XD

Smile... ahh... much better. X)

Something nothing to do with the post:
Natumi made a new and nice song.. LOVE IT!! Its about time i repair my guitar strings and make songs again.. X)

Missing you guys still dont work out for me.. lets meet!! X) Im going to see you guys soon.. very very soon. X)

Back to Dragonica and Monster Hunt!! XD