Thursday, May 3, 2012


"uoyssimi", have you guys seen this hidden word before? Its not really that popular today.. but i just kinda know whats the meaning of this word a couple of months ago. Just wanted to bring it up for those of you who dont know what issit. XP

So heres a story of how I actually knew and met this word "uoyssimi". Its a pretty funny story that happened between me and a friend of mine. She reads my blog, so im going to you some direct words to indicate her. XP

It all started a couple of months ago.. it was just some normal day, i was chilling infront of my computer flying around facebook waiting for my friends to come online and play hon. Suddenly, i got a notifaction of facebook saying i receive a notifcation from 'you'. Then there it is.. the word..

Honestly. when i just saw that word  i have no clue nor idea what word is this? The moment 'you' posted this on my facebook wall, i was soooo lost. I have no clue what are you writting. First of all, it was already extremely rare for 'you' to post on my wall and now for you to write something that I have no clue at all was seriously surprising. XD

My first assumption for this word is good night in japanese.. cause it sounds alike. For good night in japanese is "ohyasummi" (something like that, im not really good in japanese) but that moment, i start doing some thinking in my head. I was pretty sure that you are not really a japanese kind of person, why suddenly post me a japanese word? And to start a conversation by saying "good night:" was pretty weird.. So i read the word again.. and after reading it a couple of times, i was wrong. it wasnt what i expected.

I wanted to reply your wall post sooo badly (cause u know its like one of your few wall post on my facebook) but i couldnt reply it cause it have no clue what was the word about. So, i took the desperate moment's way.. Google it. XD

I actually went and google for the word "uoyssimi", i couldnt really find any answers that I want. So, i went deeper.. i went and google "what is uoyssimi?" then i found this yahoo answer website. A poor fella (like me) was asking the same thing.. and he was in a hurry and desperate. Finally, after flipping thru all the comments i finally found out the meaning of the word.

So after talking about this for sooo long, what is the word "uoyssimi", its really simple.. its "imissyou" spelled backwards. X)


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