Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Belated Birthday was better

Hey guys, i didnt told you guys anything about this cause i was too crazily busy with my uni stuffs and i didnt update anything at all.. but a month plus a couple of weeks ago was my birthday..

Before i start to brag about my stories.. i wanna take this time to thank everyone who remembered and wished me on that day itself. Some of you guys even wished me after the day which is totally fine.. Thank you all soooo much! X)

And for those who forgotten, its totally okay.. you guys dont know or dont remember because i didnt public my birthday on facebook this year.. if it makes you feel better.. my dad and my mom didnt even remember my birthday. X)

So how was my 20th birthday? its Sad.. seriously, sad.. I didnt get any big celebration, no big celebration, no presents, no family birthday picture and no cake. sad eh? X)

I bought myself a small piece of cake that night and celebrated my birthday alone that night.. If Oreo eat birthday cakes, i would gladly buy him one as well to celebrate with me. XD

My birthday cake this year. X)

Okay, its not all that bad.. its not as sad as it sounds. There are certain things that happen AFTER my birthday. XP

The best thing that happen was definately a rm100 angpao from my sister as a birthday present ON THE DAY ITSELF. She was the first family member who wished me happy birthday and also the only family member who gave me a present. (she is probably also the only one in the family who remembers my birthday.) I really greatful and thankful to have such an awesome sister like her. Deep down inside.. im deeply touched. X')

The second best thing was heading back to sunday school and meeting some of my friends there. I have this tradition thing.. every year.. on my birthday week.. I will head back to my temple and do some pray.. thanking whoever that is looking after me for the past 20 years of my life.. thanking them for bringing wtv that happen into my life in order for me to become who i am today.. Yeah, u guys get the point.

Suilun and Suelyn are the only one who gave a present that day.. It was a hand made card and a sport shirt by both of them.. Both of the present meant the world to me.. since that year's birthday was such a sad one.. receiving present from both of them definately made my day.. X)

Lastly, was a celebration by my uni mates. One day during my programming class, ms gave us a short break after the lecturer. Alex suddenly asked me to go toilet WITH HIM along with Eugene. Which at that point i felt EXTREMELY weird.. But i was too focus on thinking about something else so i didnt bother about what they just asked me to do.. so i just willing go to toilet TOGETHER with both of them.

After coming out from the toilet both of them immediately rushed back to class room without waiting for me.. it was weird but then again i was still thinking about some other things i didnt bother about it. The moment i step into the class, everyone was standing around a cake and they started singing happy birthday song.

Theres the birthday boy and there the cake~ mmm cheese cake. XD

At last after a 3 days after my birthday, i finally get to have an actually birthday celebration with friends and cakes around me. It felt great.. Thanks to Alex for planning all of this for me.. Im SUPER greatful to what u did there mah man. X)

Honestly.. im jealous.. im jealous of other people who have a better birthday celebration than i am this year.. i used to be one of them but this year everything just died.. things just happen.. everyone who are important to me are just not around me anymore.. owh well.. no point being jealous over something that have already pass right? X)

I got present, i got celebration, i got people who cared and remembered my birthday.. shouldnt be that greedy and ask for anything else right? Anyways its just another day right? XD

Althought my birthday was not that good but my belated birthday was definately better that the birthday itself. XD


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