Friday, February 25, 2011

After He Left

Yeah, as some of you know from the previous blog post. My dog just passed away. X)

Heres what happened after he left. XD

I kept some of his fur before he was sent to the burning place.
(dunno whats that called.)

Yeah, we decided to burn it instead of burrying him. Well we would prefer to burry him but we dont know where to burry him. I dont have garden and the garden outside my house cannot dig too deep cause its not own by us. So yeah.. burning was our only solution.

This is how he looks inside his 'coffin'. Cute eh? X)

And this is how Jasper looks like now. XD

Its not as cute as before but yeah i can live with that. At least i know that its around us even know its dead. X)

These are the best looking pictures that we manage to took of Jasper. XD Cute eh? XP

Well, yeah. I still feel empty and alittle bit emotional about losing someone like him. Im not used to not having him around.. Like really really really not used!

No one to stand up and wiggle its tail at me when i walk out from the house early in the morning.
No one's nose where i can put mine on when i want someone to kiss me.
No one to listen and not fight back my opinions when i need someone to talk too.
No one to hug when im sad.
No one to bark me to bring him to exercise and make myself exercise.
No one to fight and bark at strangers.
No one to protect me and no one for me to protect.
No one that will make me smile when i came home.

I can talk about these all day long if i want to. XD

But what to do, his my first dog ever in my life. We all have to move along. XP

Sorry to be alittle bit emotional and all these days.. But i promise the next post WILL not be emotional! XD

Special thanks to Tarvin and LenPing for calling on that day. JinHwei and Suilun, for texting me after the incidents. X)