Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making it a NO Phone Zone

This is an event organize by my college friends.

Yeah, No Phone Zone.

What is this? Its very simple..

This week-long campaign aims to promote awareness about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving through activities, competitions and pledges

So, what am I suppose to do?

Well, there are two things that you can do.

One. Pledge to NOT to use phone while your driving. ONLY while driving. You can use at home, out on the date, in the movies, in the toilet BUT not when your driving. XP

How do you pledge? Simple, go to this link below. (PS: You need a facebook acount, well that shouldnt be an issue since most of you have facebook. XD)


All you have to do is click 'LIKE' Its that simple! XD

Like I said, its a pledge. So its really up to you to pledge it or not. X)

Two. You can participate the event itself!! The event will be held for 10 days. (21st March till 1st April) Where? In HELP main block, Lower Foyer. What time? 10am till 3pm.

Poster of the event.

Different days will have different activities. You guys can look into the facebook page (above) for more information.

Im not really really sure about this event.. Cause its not organize like me.. XP But still, i think its a very very good event for those of you who just got your license or have bad driving skills. Okay, I take back my words. Its actually good for EVEYONE who drives. XD

Why issit good? Simple.. take a look at this picture..

What can you see? Well, yeah, blood coming out from the phone. I can see that. XD

But, does that tell you anything? Imagine your calling like your love one, father, mother, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog (what!?), etc... Suddenly, talking half way, you heard a BANG the suddenly the phone just when 'click'. Next thing you know, that person lost something like a leg, hand, or a head (what!?), or worst, YOU lost something or should I say someone.

Just use a little bit of imagination, and you'll know what i mean.. XP

Still cant motivate you? Maybe this videos will. Just watch..

I know some of you LOVE Oprah. Well, if you love her, then you should listen to her. XP For those of you who dont know, shes a very power women. Thats all im saying. So yeah. Pledge to No Phone Zone.

Can imagine who bad this 'using phone while driving' can be? Watch this..

This is EXACTLY what will happen if you met an accident. Why dont you get it to see on TV? Well, cause those are shows and movie. They dont want people to see the DARKSIDE of driving.

Do NOT be like this girl. (Total bitch..)

To know right? Yeah some of you might think that the dude is rude or something. But look at it in another way.. And you can tell what he said is not mean and it actually make sense.

So yeah people. Pledge that you would not use phone while your driving. Do that.. and you can see what difference

If you want miracles? Dont ask for miracles. BE the Miracle. X)

If you wanna ask, yes i pledge. XP