Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Facts about ME!!

I found Eriel Ronquillo did this, so since i LOVE her so much. I wanted to do one myself. Just for the fun of it. Owh, yeah and make you guys know me better. XD

If u wanna check out Eriel's one click this link:

Here goes..

100 Facts about ME!?

1. Klex is not my real name.
2. Im a Malaysian.
3. Im 19 this year.
4. D.O.B. 25/2/1992
5. I can speak 5 different language.
6. Yes, im chinese.
7. To be more specific, im hokkien. XP
8. Im a self thought guitarist.
9. Im a VERY mainstream person.
10. Althought im mainstream, i still love Pendulum.
11. I like to make people laugh.
12. I flirt.
13. Im more towards slow acoustics lovely dowey songs.
14. Yes, I love Taylor Swift.
15. Favorite colour is WHITE.
16. Im 187cm tall.
17. Favorite subject is MATHS.
18. Worst and Disliked subject is HISTORY.
19. Favorite fruit? Banana.
20. Sometimes i prefer songs that are covered instead of the original.
21. I cant sleep easily without MY pillow.
22. I was inspired to learn a guitar through a movie.
23. Girls who play guitars are my favorite.
24. I have two guitars.
25. I never bought myself a guitar.
26. Both of the guitars I have are given by my friends as a b'day present.
27. I name my guitars. XP
28. I sleep with my guitar beside me sometimes.
29. I only had one girlfriend in my life.
30. I still have a slight crush on my first girlfriend.
31. I never kissed a girl on the mouth.
32. Yam ice-creams are my favorite!
33. Blueberries cakes FTW!
34. I dont watch football.
35. I know nothing about cars.
36. I like to listen to songs that are related to me.
37. Have major crushes on girls who can really sing.
38. Looks DOES matters to me.
39. I have bad sense of fashion.
40. I have a car license.
41. I dont have a car of my own.
42. Favorite sports: Basketball.
43. Im lazy.. like REALLY lazy.
44. Im a carefree person.
45. LOVE to do last minute studies.
46. I like to make people around me happy.
47. I like to know that i've made someone happy.
48. Love to 'Kepo' in stuffs.
49. I dont quite get along with my aunt and uncles.
50. Im a Game freak.
51. Favorite game: Kingdom Hearts.
52. I still play pokemon.
53. I hate vegetables.
54. I only like to swallow certain vegetables.
55. I love to sing.
56. I dont have a voice of an angel.
57. Hate to get woke up by someone annoying.
58. Racist jokes are my favorite jokes.
59. Im a Lame person. Like funny lame kind of lame.
60. Prefer english songs than chinese songs.
61. I like girls who are shy.
62. I like to keep things to myself.
63. I act strong most of the times.
64. Im a buddhist!
65. I LOVE dogs!!
66. Jeans are my best friends! XD
67. I would cry at least 3 times a YEAR!
68. I dont smoke.
69. I dont drink.
70. I dont shi-sha.
71. For some reason, I love talking to my friend's gf.
72. Favorite cartoon? Lilo and Stich.
73. I have no favorite movies.
74. I have phobia against puppets of dummies.
75. I like helping strangers out.
76. Cant really write songs.
77. Dream job: game creator.
78. Dream company? Square-Enix.
79. Im loud.
80. Im talkative. (obviously)
81. Im a monster when it comes to eating.
82. I cant swim.
83. Dream country: Japan - Tokyo.
84. Im the youngest in the family.
85. I have an awesome dad that can cook!
86. Friends are extremely important to me.
87. I prefer being in a relationship than being single.
88. Im not rich. Definately.
89. Currently studying 4th semester foundation.
90. I dont smile with my teeth.
91. Im very very supertitious.
92. I talk to myself alot.
93. I love outdoor adventuring.
94. When i hate someone, i really hate that person.
95. I like to put emoticons.
96. Favourite emoticon: XD
97. I love mashing up songs together.
98. I always think that some girls are too good for me.
99. Currently in love with someone that will never be with me.
100. I believe that someone is up there looking after me.

Fuh... Thats it.. Finally im done! XD

Now i totally understand why Eriel thinks that this was a pain. XD

So, do you guys know alittle bit more about me already? XP