Friday, March 25, 2011

Talent Night @ HELP

So, me and Gabriel didnt make it for the finals for Talent Night. But we are still performing for that night. XP

There was this very talented singer contestant named Mae Elissa. She couldnt find someone to play the song for her. So she seek me and Gabriel for helped. Me and Gabriel agreed and we all decided to do a duet two song mash up.

So, yeah.. it sounds like we are participating in as the finalist but we are actually not. We are just Mae Elissa's partners. XD

Gabriel>> Mae>> Me!

Heres out performance. Hope you guys enjoy it. X)

Ho Ho Hopefully + Teenage Dream (Acoustic Mash Up)

If you are wondering.. yeah we did screw up a few parts. But i still think it was okay. And if you are also wonder, yes, both of them are sick. No Kidding.XP

There are many other WONDERFUL and TALENTED performance that night. Seriously, some of them amazed me alot, turned me on alot, and made me laugh alot.

Heres the performance that amazed me. XP

Its done by my new friend, Azim Zain. A very talented guitarist showing his hammer, tapping, strumming, plucking.. basically all the cool guitar moves. Totally salute him man. He won 3rd place btw. XP

This is the performance that turned me on.

Get why it turns me on? (Okay, not exactly turned on but u get the metaphor. XD) 4 girls and a guy. You cant really see but all of them are very beautiful girls.. and guys.. XD If you are there live, u can totally feel the 'ohmmm' coming out when they are dancing. (Dont ask what 'ohmmm' is, you have to feel it by urself.) They won 2nd place.

Sadly there was no video of the performance that made me laugh. Its actually a magic show but its magic + comedy. His name is Ross. A super funny dude. Its racist jokes but the jokes are also facts about us different religion. I totally enjoyed that show. XD And guess what? he won 1st place! XD

Azim >> Me >> Ross (the Magician/Comedian)

*If you watched my 'Rocketeer + Grenade' video, you will notice that he is inside. The part where 'But i still catch a grenade for you'. Yeap, thats him. XD

That night, there was also a live performance done by a Malaysian Band called Rosevelt. Their performance was pretty epic. And the best part is, i get to take pictures with them!! XD

Me and Rosevelt.

Some of you might know and some of you might now know. The lead singer (spiky hair dude with black jacket) is one of the main actors in the Malaysian move 'Gadoh'. XP

I have to say that, that event was a total sucess. Everyone definately enjoyed it. Yeah, even know Mae didnt win but we are all determine to do this for fun. Its experience. Thats something better to be won. X) Good job to all the people who organized the event! XD

Dont worry, I will be making a cover with Mae Elissa soon. XP