Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disadvantage of Being Tall

Im tall. Im not going to lie.

Therefore, Im going to share to you guys the few disadvantages of being TOO tall. (I said TOO tall not tall. Remember that k?)

1. The head tends to get hit by something really easily.
- This is obvious. Dont need to explain. XD

2. The head tends to hit ceiling really easily.
- Try jumping with our height. Next thing you know, you get a bump on your head. And it hurts. Really bad.. DX

3. Trip and falls are like our best friends.
- No kidding. According to science, tall things falls easier. Sometimes, we trip and fall soo much, that we are entitled with the title 'Clumsy'. XD

4. Half of your head will not appear in a picture.
- Now lets say that you are taking close up picture with a bunch of your friends. Sometimes, you will lose half of your head in the pictures. If not, while cropping that particular picture, the same shyt happens. XD

5. Kids get the impression that your bad guy.
- No kid, there was once a kid pointed at me and said "You BAD guy!!". If its not that, they run away quickly and trying to get out of your way as fast as they can when they see you. Yeah kids, you better run.. XD

6. Hard to find partners.
- Some and i meant SOME girls tend to not like guys who are OVERLY tall. They think that when they are with their tall bf, they wont look matched and people start saying that both of them look more like brother and sisters than couples. True story. X)

7. Hard of find clothings.
- This depends on whether that person is long body or long legs. If you have long body, u have problems finding cloths that fit you height. If you have long legs, pants and shoes will be the problem. If u have long legs, long and wide body. You are in trouble. XD

8. Pain in ass Seatings.
- Cinemas, cars, bus, planes.. etc.. yeah, u will have problems. If you are seating in any of those seats without moving for 2~3 hours, you have a either leg pain, back pain or ass pain. Personal experience. XP

Thats all i can think of actually.. Running out of disadvantages... XP

All im saying is that, LOVE your short heights. Seriously. Being short is cool sometimes. Yeah, u probably have disadvantages too, but being tall is not much of a difference as well. XD