Monday, March 28, 2011

How Am I?

Wadaaaap people. Time to talk about ME and how am I doing lately again! XD (Thats what this whooole blog is about anyways.)

Finals is kicking in in another 2 more weeks. Although im only having 2 subjects this semester but im still feeling the pressure. Yeah, i've been slacking ALOT and REALLY ALOT this semester..

Gotta need someone to motivate me to study again. DX

Spamming games around the corner is part of the reason why am i slacking these days. Dissidia 012 Duodecim and Pokemon Black & White is asking me to grind them!! No kidding!! I've been hearing voices in my head asking me to play them!! (Okay, thats a lie but you get what i mean right? XD)

Been doing covers lately.. They are not on youtube or facebook. They are all in my head. XD Yeah, i wanted to do LOTS of covers, planning to do.. But like i said, I have no motivations to do alot of things lately.. really.. need someone to always be there to motivate me. X)

March intakes came into our college today.. Looking at all the new faces coming into college makes me feel kinda old.. But no worries, they are not going to see my face ever again soon. XD

I guess thats all for the updates i guess.. Nothing much to talk about these days.. XD

*I dont ask for anything after helping someone.. the only thing that i ask for is.. just remember me.. thats all. X)