Friday, March 4, 2011

Quick Updates

While waiting for time to pass by, Im just gonna make a quick blog update. XP

My midterms just ended. Didnt you guys know? XD Well, it was not really worth mentioning cause, its only a one day exams. Yeah, thats what you get when you dont study hard and have to retake only one subject. DX XD

Alright, so what am I to lately?

Im still finding different ways to make FULL use of movie maker. And plus, im finding more potential singers to do cover with. I want to make lots of covers with different people so that i can have a piece of good memory with him/her. XP

I would do cover with ANYONE, who can sing of course. XD

Okay, what else am I up to?

Im back to pokemon! XD There this new version called Black & White version. (Yeah, pokemon starts becoming racist. XD) Its an all new version with another 156 new pokemons. Thats cool, but whats not cool is that the pokemons are very ugly. DX

It seems that pokemon are starting to run out of good ideas in terms on how the pokemon looks and even how pokemon are named. The name of these new pokemons are pretty damm hard to pronouns, not to mention, they sound funny too. XD

Besides that, anything else?

Lately, I went for a Talent Night audition with my friend Gabriel. I wasnt planning to go for the audition at all. Cause, lets face it. Two guys, one play guitar, and one sings. How common can that be!? You can probably find like 10,000 guys in this world that can do that. DX

But in the end, i was persuaded by Ju-Yi, Christy, Wan Jia and even Mr.Fikree to join for the audition. So, i participated. XD This shows that im a very easy kind of person to be persuaded.. Never let me see an audition going on!! It will make my wanna audition as well! DX XD

It was a very very very last minute registered audition. Right after I registered, I have one very very BIG problem. I have no idea what kind of song I should perform. Well, singing the song is another issue cause, lets face it again. Im not a person has the voice of an angel. DX

Suddenly, inspiration struck me. I start picking up my guitar, and strum a few times and 5 minutes later, BAM! I have myself a new mash up! 8D Had a little practice with Gabriel the next day and off we go into the audition!!

Im not very sure whether we made it through or not. But thanks to this audition, I gain/know/notice a few things..

One, is I had a great time mash up songs with Gabriel. Two, I had another experience performing on stage. And three, I finally know what kind of talent I have. Its not singing, its not playing guitar, but its the talent to mash up songs. Well, thats what i believe my talent is la. XD

Alright, so much for quick update.. XD XD XD

Hope that everyone is doing fine aites? XP

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