Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dont Give Up

Whatever shyt your going through..

Whatever sadness, sorrow, suffering or pain in the ass stuffs your going through..

Dont ever and i meant dont ever think of doing something stupid.

If it makes you feel anything better, some people have gone through worst.

And guess what? They are still living a good life. X)

Just punch a wall through the obstacles..

and stay where you are...

If no one there is help you, then you'll just have to help yourself.

If you have tried helping yourself and it doesnt work..


If you have problems.

And you need a hand.

Call me, and I'll be there... LATE. XP

Just dont give up. X)


Wow, im a genius when i comes to this emo crap.. XD

But yeah, everyone who is going through exams, assignments, bad relationships, family issues, basically whatever that makes you feel sad and will like die-ing. Just hang in there k?