Thursday, July 28, 2011

Orientation Day 1 + 2

Yup, I've started my orientations in INTI subang already. The orientation went on for 2 days and the talks there are pretty inspiring. Yes, i was actually awake for most of the talks. Except for some boring tones lecturers who are giving the talks and all. XD

The amount of students joining the UOW course are very little. I would say about 80 people only. And out of those 80 people, about 20 of them are taking Faculty of Informatics. Out of those 20 people, about 15 of them are taking computer science. Our of those 15 people, 5 of them are majoring in Multimedia and Games Development. And out of 5 people, none of them are girls. DX

So what happen to the other 60 of them? Well they are taking communications. Probably PR and marketing and stuffs. Yes, there are more girls over the other side, dont rub it in. But still, we are all UOW students. So, eventually we will meet up with each other too. I think.. I hope..

Okay maybe its not that bad. At least I have a small members of people in my class so that i can focus more in class. (I hope) Making friends with a smaller group also probably means that all of us will have to be closer to each other. If all 5 of us dont work together, we will not pull thru degree. Work and move as a team!! XD

INTI place is pretty good. The place is pretty big. It may look its just one build from the outside but there is actually 2 buildings for INTI. The other building looks more like a secondary school but its still part of INTI. Which such a big place, Im pretty sure in these few weeks im i will get lost at least once. XD

Friends? I made 3 friends during the two day orientation. Ryan, Bryan and Nazril (maybe that how it spells.) Ryan is my first class mate friend. As for Bryan and Nazril, they are from the Student Service Department. Consider it as a good start. XP

Theres really nothing much to talk about for Orientation Day. I dont even know why am I making a post about it. XD

My class offically starts next monday. All the work and assignments are going to come into my life and my life is going to be miserable like always. Okay, maybe it wouldnt be so bad. I hope.


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