Monday, August 1, 2011

Degree Day One + Day Two

Day One.

Usually on monday, I will sleep soundly like a pig at home until 12pm in the afternoon. But since i've became a university student, I have to be like everyone else who are studying in this world. Get my ars to school. DX

I have 3 classes on monday. A total up to 7 hours of classes. Two 2 hour classes and one specially made 3 hour class. The joy right? A great way to start monday right? (deep sarcasm)

I manage to make friends will ALL of my class mates. Well, its not that hard cause my class doesnt consist more than 20 people in it. When it comes to new friends, the problem that i usually have is memorizing names. Apparently, this time I have no problems with their names what so ever. Thats because most of them are using fake/english/glamour name just like me. XD

Surprisingly, communicating with my classmates is not an issue, especially the guys. Most people who are taking IT are usually gamers, youtube watchers and manga readers. Therefore there are lots of things to share and talk about. XP

The people who are studying my course are not all IT or computer-ish people. Some of them dont even have a single knowledge about computering and programming. Which is what im really surprise about. But they did do some research about IT and they find it interesting. Thats why they decided to take IT as their degree subject. Respect them. X)

Next, on to the lecturers in my class. Be surprise that ALL of my lecturers are females. Yes, female programmes. And not all of them are indians. (there sorta like a stereotype in the world that indians are very good in computer. And thats pretty true!!) Girls are usually the ones that come up to me and say that IT is sooo freaking boring. But guess what girls, all 4 of my lecturere are females! XD

My C-programming lecturer is a malay women. She nice and sweet. She gives me a pretty good first impression. But she tends to scare us about the assignments that we are about to deal with and the exams that we are going to take. Well, shes not really scaring us. Shes just giving us a heads up on what is going to happen. Im pretty sure that I can work fine with her. X)

My Problem Solving lecturer is a indian lady. Among all 3 lecturers of the day, she gave me the best first impression ever. A very funny person that communicated alot with her students i would say. Shes the only lecturer in class who did an ice breaking activity with us. I had fun and I hope that the future classes with her will be the same as day one. XD

Lastly, my W3 technology lecturer. The chinese lady. Im going to say this, this lady gives the creeps. While lunch time, i went to McD to bought some food. When I came back and took the lift, she was in the same lift with me. That time I didnt knew that she was my lecturer yet. But the whole journey from the first floor to the fifth floor, I felt the disturbance in the force..

The disturbance that I felt was not wrong. When she enters the class and starts teaching, she was serious about everything. She is one of those serious lecturer who make cold jokes that only she thinks its funny. She was seriously about her teachings and when she told us about the stress that we are about to face, its literally scary. She did a good job at that part. XD

This lecturer is serious but her teachings are pretty damm good although it long but when she teaches I listen. With this, I think i might be able to cope with her even know shes serious. *fingers cross* XP

After my class is over I head straight home. It was 5pm. One hour before all the jam starts. But I was wrong. It was raya month, so the jam starts one hour earlier than I expected it. So yeah, I was stuck in the jam all over again.

I thought that my standing and waiting at the bus days are over. But apparent when im in INTI life, I still have to go thru the same thing that I faced in HELP. Its ridiculously annonying. Whats worst is the journey distance for this bus is two times more longer than the previous one. The amount of people is lesser but still, its ridiculously packed. DX

Day one down, I've known all my class mates, met a few new semester two friends/seniors, some commerce students and 3 of my lecturers. Whats gonna happen at day two? read on.. XD

Day Two.

My day was alittle bit more relaxed. Actually my day two was alot more relaxed. I only have one class to attend and that class starts at 2pm. Not because my class timetable is screwed up, but because some of my classes are cancel this week. XP

The only class im about to attend is the class that i havent seen my lecturere. The class is known as Understanding Variation and Uncertainty. Its basically Statistics. Just that is has more words than number than my previous foundation statistics.

My stats lecturer was one word.. BORING. Really really boring. Theres nothing else i can describe about this lecturer. She was asked us to communicate with the numbers and let the numbers communicate with you. Sounds deep and wise but still, it doesnt entertain me at all.

But the cool thing about her is that she dont keep her notes in the elearning websites. She got her own website site where everything that we wanted are all in that particular website. No need to login and remember passwords and shyts. Go in, download or read the stuffs. Settle. XD

The class ended at 4pm. At first I was planning will go home straight to avoid the jam. But i decided to stay back and join some sports. I remember during the orientation day, they mentioned that there was a dodge ball practice going on at 6pm that day. So i decided to stay back and check it out.

Explore around the subang neighbor hood, hunt some good areas to hang out, looking for cheap and good food and visited the library for free internet connection all the way until 6pm. Sounds pretty awesome for the first day but i dunno next time how am i going to survive for 2 hours. XD

I head down to the other side of INTI, into the court to play dodge ball. A new friend/classmate of mine, Alex Teoh decided to join along with me for the dodge ball game. Everyone there was extremely friendly. Some of them actually took the intention appoarch me and talk me before the practice even start. Maybe because they saw me during the orientation or something. I dunno. But I find them very nice people. X)

The dodge ball game was fun but hard. I used to play dodge ball in HELP. HELP ppl are more aggressive but INTI people are more strategic. They play it more to slow ans steady wins the race that kind of style. I dont really know or use to the style that they are playing but whatever way, it still works. XD

After the game i whole body started aching. See thats what happens when your dead lazy during the holidays and dont wanna spend sometime pumping some muscles. Thats what you get. DX

I head home and next thing i know, i have 5 new friends notification. 5 of them are all from the dodge ball team. See naming urself Klex allows people to find you easier in facebook too! XD

I guess thats all to talk about for day one and day two of my college. I took me 5 days to blog this post. (Proof, look at the date of this blogpost) I have my reasons, like always. One is because theres so many things to talk about, two is because im kinda busy with the degree life and three is of course, im lazy. Simple as that. XD

I will try to update my blog more often but i can garuantee you guys anything cause after this week, there are lots of shyts assignments and tutorial coming to my way.

I got a rant to talk about. Its not about relationship but one of my favorite things to rant about. Buses. Stay tune~


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