Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Degree Life is pretty Dead

Hey guys, how is everyone doing? Its been like almost a week now eh?

Like i said from my previous post, i have been very busy with my degree life. Its actually getting tough and im actually feeling the stress level of this uni life now. And like i said before, i have weekly assignments.. precious marks assignments. And it has to be dont individually. DX

But still i still have my ways to chill off and look at the world. Well not exactly look at the world, its actually dreaming of the world. XD Yes, i've been spending most of my time sleeping at home. The journey to my uni is just too damm long and each class consume alot of my concentration energy. So im basically really really tired everyday. If i dont wanna go home, i always hang around my friend's house and just sleep there until night time where there jam wears off only i head back home. XD

The trust about why im not bloggin so often lately is because theres really nothing much to blog about to you guys. Everything about me is still the same right now. Nothing new is really happening in my uni life right. And if i talk about games and stuffs, it might not even interest No new works, no new happening, no new girls! Its just plain studying and doing assignments all over again.

I guess what my friends who are in degree first said about degree life is boring, its true after all. DX

I actually had spend sometime writting a blog post.. but everytime i have an idea and when i was about to start writting about it, someone or something will just come and get into my way. No kidding. If you look carefully at this blogpost's date, the blogpost was started written on the 17th of August. DX

Alright, im really running out of things to talk about already. Yeah, that fast right? Last time i can write a long ass blog post but now, its that short. And without color. DX

Dear the someone up there whose looking after me, if your reading my blog, all im asking for is to give me 2hours of interesting thing happened everyday. Thats all im asking for. DX

I hope everyone is not facing the samething like me but doing something way better than mine. But if you are facing the same thing like me, then i wish you have something amazing going on soon. And i wish you all the best. Thats all i can do. XD


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