Friday, August 5, 2011

I Never Knew!!!

Today, im gonna rant about one of my most favorite things in life. (sarcasm) Buses.

I thought when I leave HELP, all my bus problems will be solved and Im not going to face with retarded and stupid bus drivers anymore.

Before i start ranting, you gotta listen to my story, get the picture, understand it and then tell me what you think about it.

I have 4 days with 8am classes. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Means i have to rush bus for 4 days. But my monday and wednesday troubles morning rushing are solve thanks to my brother's time table. Whats left is thursday on friday. DX

Every thursday and friday I have wake up extra early to get a ride from my dad whose rushing to open his stall all the way to Taman Bahagian station. Take a LRT ride to Kelana Jaya station, sit the bus all the way to subang area then walk to INTI subang. Its a long journey right?

My thursday first week 8am class was cancel due to the maintenance in the lab. So, friday morning i hitched a ride from my dad all the way to taman bahagia station and follow along the way to Kelana Jaya station.

I reached Kelana Jaya and I waited for my bus. The thing about the bus what im sitting is, its there but there is no driver to drive it. We will have to wait for the bus driver to get ready only we start ride the bus. And the thing about the bus driver is that, they really love to drag. Its tiring driving the bus but dammit, dont drag the time man. Eveyrone is rushing here.

Luckily for me, the bus driver that day was ready when i reached there. I started lining up quickly cause i was sleepy and i wanted to sit down and just doze off.

But when i was lining up, something strange is going on. Only females are lining up for the bus. The males are just sitting down and chilling there. Its like they didnt see the bus right infront of them at all! I thought they are just gentleman who are giving the ladies to enter the bus for. Give the front and nice seats first right?

Next thing you know, i entered the bus, tap my card and then the bus driver tells me that the bus is for women only. Bas untuk Wanita Sahaja. I was like, the fark!? Bus just for females only?? There was no sign, no warning, no what so ever. So i to swipe my touch and go card again and i rm1 just fly away just like that.

The worst part is.. the bus was freaking empty. There was not more than 10 people in the bus. And all of them are females!! As for us guys, we have to sit outside like a retard. Wasting another 20mins of our lives for a bus that is multisexual approval.

I dunno you guys knew about this or not but I never. I never about that damm thing in my life. A whole bus just for girls!? I not being sexist here but issit really necessary?

Apparently there is such a rule in malaysia. This is to increase the protection for females. Thats good. But can putting all women and one dude bus driver in the bus increase the protection? I mean, if i were a badass burglar, i bring 5 guys with knife only (gun for better) gang the bus, knock the male bus driver down and rob all the females. Totally ownage.

Unless there was one or two girls/women in the bus who are like wing chun or teakwando masters who can kick ass.. then the burglars are unlucky la. XD

I just think that if you wanna increase the protection of female passengers in the bus, they should make it free for all genders. A couple of males MIGHT be able to make a difference in protection wise. Yeah some guys these days are pretty useless but still is safer to have more than one guy in the bus.

Yeah, I do agree i sound very sexist here. If i ever offend anyone.. i sincerely apologize. Im here to just let out my sad little anger feelings.

Cheers kay? XD

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