Sunday, August 21, 2011

Computing Girls

Back in my foundation days, i keep hearing complains from girls that freaking hate IT cause it its boring, the lecturer is boring, the subject itself is boring and theres too many things to learn about it, bla bla bla..

Like every new intake i will hear them complain about it. Well, to me thats very normal. Girls dont really do IT stuffs. But I have to agree with them, sometimes computing can be very boring. SOMETIMES only! XP

So basically, MOST girls dont really like computing stuffs. Agree?

But now im in INTI college, taking up IT course subjects. There are some girls in my class so that means they are girls who wanna do IT. To me thats pretty surprising. I was expecting to have no girls to be in my class at all. But infact there are actually 4 girls in my class.

I have been in holidaying for 3 months without studying and 7 months without studying any IT subjects as I didnt take any IT subjects for my last foundation sem. So, i pretty much lost most of my IT subjects. So i need some guidance in some certain parts. The ones who are usually focused in class are the hardworking ones which usually will be the girls.

So, sometimes i will seek the girls for help when I have question or parts when i dont understand. When they explain, I was like.. whoa.. they can do programming that well. The more they teach, the more i dont understand. So i asked them again and then they explain again until i understand everything.

At that moment i felt soooo stupid. A girl teaching me IT stuffs is just kinda embarrassing to me. But the girls thinks its funny for some reason. Maybe they are just being friendly. XD

Not all girls are weak in IT subjects. There are some of them who are EXTREMELY strong in that subject. When they start speaking the IT theory, you dont even understand what are they saying. Unless your really really smart la. XD

Just today i knew a friend whose going to mechanical engineering and shes a girl as well. Girl talking engineering!! Thats really really new for me. XD

Heres what I think la.. In my opinion la.. When girls do IT/Computing stuffs, is either they are damm freaking good at it or they just.. well.. you know. Bad? XP

In conclusion, dont ever underestimate girls. They can smartass after all. X)


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