Monday, August 8, 2011

Self Updates

Hey guys, I know its been awhile and I've not been really update about myself requently. Its just that i've been really really busy and tired with my university and stuffs, i dont have the time or the energy to blog to you guys. But who cares, im here now so let me update about myself. XP

Im so busy to the extend where i post blogspot, i dont even have time to edit and put colorful words in it. For now, i will just stick to black plain words. SO, bare with it okay?

Like i said above, degree life for me is busy and tiring. I have wake up early for 4 days. Thats like torture to me. I havent been waking up so early for so many days ever since high school. Some of the days i have 3 hour classes which is really really torturing. Especially when its my w3 class and stats class. They are long and really really boring sometimes. Maybe cause its the tone of their voice. They speak pretty softly. XP

Another thing that is tiring me out in degree is the assignments. Its only week 2 and i already have assignments to do and tutorial/homework to pass up on my 'to do list'. Whats worst is that these assignments and tutorial have to be passed up in a week. Yes, i have a 7 day rush assingments/tutorials. Okay thats not the worst part, the worst part is that each tutorial is worth 1/2% and each assignments is worth 8% only. And from what our lecturer said, it very very very hard to get full marks for each assignment. Okay, thats not the worst worst part, the worst part is that, this thing will be done weekly!!! DX DX DX

Along with my long waiting transportation and weekly tutorial and assingments, tell me whether thats busy and tiring or not. DX

But i do have something up my sleeves to unstress myself. A side hobby. Im currently playing the famous training card game, Magic the Gathering. My high school friends asked me to played along, so i was thinking what the heck, its been awhile ever since i play training card game anyways. The last card game i played was Pokemon and I had a great time playing it. XD

The good thing about magic card is that, the cards doesnt cost as much as pokemon cards. Some really rare pokemon cards can reach to $100+ for just one card. MTG (magic the gathering) not so much. One pokemon booster about $15 and have 11 cards. MTG booster cost $7~$10 and have 13 cards in it. In anyway you look at it, MTG is still cheaper. XP

Although I have something to unstress myself, sometimes, its really not enough. Sometimes, its not really about stress. Lately, im feeling alittle bit quiet and lonely. Maybe im still not use to getting around in a bigger studying environment.

Maybe its just like one of those days that single guys have this feeling that, how they wish they have a gf for that moment to care and be around them. X)


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  1. you play Magic? You can join us for Friday Night Magic next time. You know where Millennium Square is? It starts at 8 o clock. The shop is called Eternal Magic,and their webpage is drop by whenever you want, even if you just playing for fun or casually ^^


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