Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MOST Probably Never

No matter how busy am I or how forgetful am I, i will not and MOST probably never going to forget you all. The ones who are important to me. X)

Im saying this just and only just incase some of you are like "YuMing, has been soooo busy with his new uni life, with his new uni friends. He probably forgets about me already one la." Thats no true at all.

If your important to me, then your definitely will appear in my head. I will think about you guys in my boring class, during my lunch time, waiting for the bus and even in the bus. No joke.

But if your not important to me, you treated me like shyt and dont even bother talking to me anymore. Then you are just dead to me la. Thats all im saying. XD

Apperciate people around you, once in awhile just go talk to them. Who knows right? They might be missing you at the same time. if not, what do u have to lose? X)


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