Friday, July 15, 2011

EPIC Father & Son moment

One morning at the morning market. I was helping my dad like usual.

Then there was this couple customer. Straight couple. Yes, one guy one girl.

Okay its a really really bad thing to do when you have a couple customer.. but I was having an eye on the girl. Means checking her out. (yes, im a mean head) Cause seriously, that girl was pretty cute. As in pretty + cute. XD

After the two of them left.. this is what my dad said to me..

Dad: "That girl is pretty cute right?"

Me: "I know right!!!?"

Dad: "Haha but too bad she has a boy friend already.."


Yes, I dunno why but i think that was one epic father & son moment there. It was worst for my dad cause his married and have 3 childrens. He shouldnt be checking her out. XD

But seriously, dont check out other people's girl especially when they are you customers. You might lose a customer and also get a black eye. DX Write that down.

Sorry dad, this son of yours is gonna be single for quite a long time. XP


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