Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Bad Thursday!

Usually, thursday suppose to be super fun!! Get to hang out with YuenHee, Jin Hwei, Khai Sern, etc.. my librarian friends! X) But today.. i was a little bit.. NO should i say VERY DIFFRENT!!

After school, i manage to pass Pn. Harminder's tough class. Everyone in the library saw us and they we like "kesian betul.." But guess its all over! For now... XD

Get to canteen.. i wanted to teman my librarian friends makan de.. but.. the GUY that im hated was there.. (You people should knw who if your smart or if you really knw me) Haiyo.. i was sooo freaking dissappointed lo.. Everyone was there!! Haiz.. no choice la.. have to go to sit another side den.

Sitting on the side wasnt such a bad idea anyways.. I did have fun sitting with Kaarthink, Roshan, Shekar and Kim Ngiam. We all have fun! We not as fun as i sit with the librarian friends la. XD Me, Shekar and Roshan having fun beatboxing there! (I dun really knw beatboxing but just join in la! XD)

Off to the library! I temaned Hui Ee back to the library and asked her to help me spy and see is that bastard that i hate there. Wel thank god he wasnt there!! XD I can chat with my friends yipieee!!! But not for long.. that bastard came out from no where! I was like shit!! RUN!!

Hrm.. that guy is a fucking bad luck bastard i tell you! Move and walk around the school. And guess who i spotted?? Vivian Teoh!! XD AKA Hui Ee's sister.. and she is evil i tell you! Continue walking around.. head to basketball court no one bring basketball!!! Damm its f**king bad day!!

Time passes and finally Rumah Biru starts.. guess i can have a little fun on high jumping. But NOoooo... there no high jumping today.. F**K!! Dammit! Lucky Jin Hwei came and teman me... shes not the only one.. Hui Ee, Sharon and some new girl i just meet Zati.. was it?? Wheres YuenHee?? I have no idea.. XP

We played volleyball den suddenly i heard basketball bouncing sounds. I reacted quickly as a high level chemical reation.. Spotted a basketball!! XD Jumps around and head to the basketball court.

Luckily JinHwei and HuiEe decided to play basketball and their shooting ar good... NOT! XD I give them a few teachings just to show off.. XP I think i gettin the hang on volleyball! XD

Temaned JinHwei walk home with KayJun.. end of the story..

I wasnt such a BAD day after all.. I can hang out with Muimui which i SELDOM get to.. Thus its a surpisig day for me as well..