Monday, March 31, 2008


Wasup game freaks out there! You game freak, I game freak! XD Okay okay.. lets just get back to the main point of this post.

Guess what?? This is an addition incident in my ChengMeng trip back to Kedah. Day two, my family paid a trip to the supermarket just to visit my uncle. Like always.. mostly supermarket will have GAMES STORES!! XD Soo i entered the games store looking for games.. And guess what!? I found Megaman Legends 1!! d8 I feel goood nanananana~ XD


Next this is a incident right before ChengMeng's incident. I was sitting beside Megan that day, Lyn Kam was suppose to sit beside her but unfortunately she didnt came. So im being a gentleman and teman her.. XD (You owe me big time Megan! XD) I spotted a cool guitar key chain hanging around her bag and guess what?? She gave it to me!! XD God bless her~ X)


Another one!! I few days ago after KRS kem. I heard that Vanessa (my sister's dancing sifu) was back from Australia. I missed that day's sunday deal to the KRS kem, so thats means i missed see-ing Vanessa. Well even knw i didnt go, but still she did passed something to my sister. My sister gave me this very cute Kiwi from Vanessa! XD God bless her too~ X)