Monday, May 30, 2011

We're getting Along (Oreo 7)

Okay i dont really like Panda.. for some several reasons of course. One is because he gave me a bad first impression by biting me. Two, it stinks cause he just had an operation recently (remove his hormones) , so we cant bath him. Three, it bit my brother's until it bleeds. No kidding. (Of course, dont like doesnt mean I hate it. I just dont play with it that much.)

They say that ferets are very friendly animals. They can go along with almost any tame animals at home. From what I heard, ferets are extremely friendly towards dogs. Well, that doesnt really apply when it comes to Oreo and Panda. XP

Alright I would say that Oreo is cute. You can tell that his curious abt the new living being at home. The first time he saw Panda his like stuns. Which is pretty funny. He Oreo can talk, I believe that he would have said.. "WHAT THE FARK is that!?" (okay maybe not the 'f' word but he does hear us use it alot at home. XD)

Oreo is friendly. For those of you know came to my house and met Oreo should know how friendly he is. So, Oreo want to make friend with Panda. Cause after while noticing that small little thing might be harmless, he wiggles his tail and start sniffing Panda.

As Oreo move, sniff closer and is about to have contact with Panda's nose.. Guess what did happened? BITES. No, Panda didnt get bitten.. but Oreo did.. Yeah, that small little fry bite Oreo's nose. Well not hard until its bleeding of couse, just like one GAOUM at the nose. XD

But amazing Oreo didnt stop trying to communicate with Panda he keeps sniffing panda.. but in the end he still get bit at the nose. Its cute and funny in a way.. XD

Finally after the same process for 3 days, Oreo and Panda finally get along. When both of them meet each other, they both will wiggle their tails and just stare at each other. I guess they are like communicating with each other or something..

Sometimes, when my sister and brother pays more attention to Panda, Oreo will start barking and make wimping sounds. I guess his jealous cause his new friend is getting more sayangs then he does. XD

If Oreo and Panda dont get along, me and Oreo would have made a great team. XD

Anyways, Oreo is sick these days. Apparently he doesnt have allergies but his growing Parasites on his body. (something like a dog bug at bites dog's skins) He going thru some medication and he will be fine in 2 months time. (I hope.) Its not a bad thing, at least getting parasites is better than getting a permanent genetic skin disease. Now thats deadly.


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