Saturday, May 21, 2011

Manja (Oreo 6)

Me and sister brought Oreo to the vet for the second time to take his second jab and give him some check up.

The first time Oreo went to the vet was with my brother. When his was in the vet, he was cool, quiet, fine, not noisy and not a pain in the ass.

The second visit there was an embarrassment. When he was in the care, he was hyper!! Like seriously HYPER!! He was a freaking tarzan in the car. Jumping up and down looking out to the window and everything. Maybe cause it was his second time in a car and his not that afraid anymore. Plus, its very normal for dogs to jump around in the car. No biggie.

When we reach the vet, we ask the dog to do some check ups on him cause his been having some skin problems. As the matter of fact, from what the doctor can see, Oreo is having some allergies. And we suspect that Oreo is allergic to rice cause we fed him rice and dog food at the same time.

Next the doctor need to give him some jab to reduce his allergies. Okay, heres the funny part. The first time he took the jab, it was nothing. He did have some reaction but there was no over reactions. He didnt even make a noise at all!

So, Oreo took the jab and guess what happened? He started yelling and shouting. Me, my sister, even the doctor was shocked!! He then started running around cause he was in pain (yes, his still yelling) and after that he lean on my sister for comfort. Simple, the little son of a bitch is manja. Need people's attention and care. XD

He poop and peed on the vet table on the second visit!! Me and my sister were kinda embarrassed although the doctor said it okay.. (we need some serious potty training for Oreo now.)

Oreo even barked at the doctor cause the doctor is doing something that it doesnt like. Looks like his son of a bitch is still a pain in the ass.

After going thru all that, I kinda miss that act cool, ignoring, lazy, dumb but extremely cute and adorable Jasper. XD

I miss you.. Jasper.

Oh well, lets hope Oreo learns not to be manja in the future. Lets hope..


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