Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love Movies or Love Comics??

As you all know that I've been a lifeless piece of douche bag these days. I've been doing nothing much but computer gaming with my high school friends.

So i decided to do something different to spend my holiday time. I decided to go through the box of pirated DVDs and watch them. Im not much of a guy who likes to watch horror movie but I do like to watch funny comedy movies.

Later, I found this movie which i thought is comedy but it turns out to be a love movie. And for god knows why, I continued watching it.

Its not to say that I dont like love movies.. but I just dont like watching it alone.

For some reason, I watch the movie about 30mins of it then I turned it off. Cause I just think that its not worth my time watching. Plus, while I was watching I was having too much of weird thoughts going up my head. (no, they are not dirty thoughts.) Plus the love movie is not that interesting after all.

After that I head back to the room and turn back on my computer and head into the internet. Since the love movie was a piece of crap, for some freaking reason i decided to read love comics instead. Seriously, I dunno why..

So i went into the internet and start reading "Ichigo 100%" all over again. I would say that, "Ichigo 100%" is the best love comic story that I've ever read in my whole life. (Highly recommended for guys to watch.) And for some reason, I smiled everytime when im reading the comic. Its weird.. i know..

But for some reason, I was kinda pissed reading the comic cause the main guy character is such a dumbass.. XD Then after awhile I feel kinda sad cause i knew the ending and some part of the story is seriously very very sad.. D'X

So I have came to a conclusion today after going through all these activities at home. Im the kind of guy who likes to read Love Comics instead of watching Love Movies. XD

I just think that Love Comics have more excitement in it and Love Movies are just kinda plain boring at first. And plus, Love Movies are better if you are watching as a couple.

But reading Love Comic is the stupiest thing to do.. I believe some of a the guys out there would feel the same as well. For girls, you will have to ask these kind of guys like me the reason behind it. Cause its too private. XP


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