Saturday, May 28, 2011

She still got it

I think Taylor should wear glasses more often. Thats all im saying. XD

Im still in love with this girl. No kidding~

I was this close to forgeting this girl but when her 'The Story of Us' music video came out, everything started to change once again. XD

Some people think that its very awkward and not natural for a guy to really really like Taylor Swift songs. Some girls tend to think that is not cute at all. Her songs are more towards a girl's point of view. Well, im not bother abt what these people think. X)

To be honest im not really sure why am i so obsessed with this girl in the first place. Looks? Songs? Talent? Blonde? I really dont know.. XP

Shes still pretty.. Wait, what am i saying? Shes always pretty! XD

for her new music video~ XD

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  1. It's absolutely normal to like someone so pretty and talented. Taylor Swift FTW! Haha..


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