Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Updates

Sup guys!!! How is everybody doing?? XP

I heard that some of the HELP's degree courses have started. Well I hope that the class is awesome!! (although I heard that its boring la.) XD

What have I been doing? Nothing much actually. The same old 9 step routine. But some of the days I have plans with my high school friends and my college friends. XP

Last thursday I invited King to join dinner along with my high school friends. It was their first time meeting each other but they all started tembak me like they have known me forever!! No biggie, as long as everyone is having great time. XD

On that same night, I slept over at Tarvin's place and played LoL for the freaking first time. To all LoL players, sorry.. I would like to sincerely apologize and say that HON is waaaay more better than LoL!! Thank you. XD XD XD

Owh, Wesak Day just passed but i didnt really participate that much this year. Cause my dad needs my help for his morning night markets. On public holidays, his business are actually way better than weekends.

But I did helped out alittle bit on wesak eve. Plus, i get to meet KaiShin again on wesak eve all thanks to Zhen Whei. It was a sudden meet up again la. XP I get to meet up with Suelyn, Suilun, Zhen Whei and the others again after so long. (about 3~4 weeks i guess.) And at right at midnight, I did all my prayers and went back home. X)

My self challenge has been going on very very well.. I havent been posting a single status on my facebook for about 3 days already. My hand does itch to post something lame to seek attention but i still keep resisting. Sooner or later, I think I will not even have a thought of posting something on facebook ady. XP

Oreo is doing fine too. He already learn how to get down from the stairs. But going up the stairs is another story. Give it sometime and it will soon learn how. XP

I would like to take a moment here to thank all my friends who actually came to me and talked me and ask how have I been doing. Im very very grateful and thankful for all your concerns. Not posting anything on facebook just makes me wanna talk to people more. And you guys just came at the right time when I need to talk to someone the most. (you know who you all are. XP) I was very very happy that some of you actually take the time to care about a sore loser like me. XD XD X'D

Owh and another thing, to those who are taking their A-levels exams right now. Stop reading this waste of time blog and go do some studies!! All the BREAST in your exams! Yes, i said breast on purpose! XD


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