Sunday, May 15, 2011

Self Challenge

I have did all sorts of self challenge and its time to self challenge myself again!! Its a retarded thing to do.. its just thing that I like to do for myself.

This time im going to tell the world, well not actually the world but the people who are reading my blog!! The self challenge involves facebook-ing.

But before what am I challenging myself, hear my story out first. XP

I've been going on youtube watching these days cause im lifeless. And I've been watching tons of random videos. Song covers, comedy, old movies but what really attracted my attention was rants. And there was this popular girl talking about 'facebook rants'.

Some of her rants are very offensive and doesnt really make sense at all. Maybe cause shes too sensative and all. But there was one part of the video that make sense. She said..

"Stop telling the world whatever stuffs that you see, you feel or you do!! Its annoying and some people just dont f*cking care about it."

After she said that, Im starting to think that im one of the people that shes talking about. And come to think of it, sometimes, the things that i post on my status is really annoying. Sometimes, people get pissed of reading my status. And some of them just dont bother about my statuses.

Then I went to facebook and start looking at the status updated by other people. Some of them are annoying with their emo post and people commenting on the status to make person happy. After 20mins that same person will post another emo status. Some of them really make me jealous cause they start talking about how awesome their life is or what they did with their girlfriend and all.

Nick also told me before, "dont tell the whole world what the fark you are doing all the time. Its like your seeking for attention."

Modest is the word. Is not like if I post more status people will like me. Is not that i post more statuses people will notice more about me. I post or dont post is the same damm shyt!

SO, I decided to not post any status on my facebook for one whole freaking week!! After that one week, I can choose post 1 status post a day!

If people wanna know how am I doing, I just think is better for them to ask me personally. Like they comment my wall and stuffs. But to tell the whole world what am I doing all the time is just doesnt feel right..

Its a self challenge. So i can break that challenge anytime I want. XP


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