Friday, May 13, 2011

The Rules of Texting

If you are asking yourself, "Theres a rule for texting!?". Yes there is.

Its not in the law sense and its not like if you break the rule you will go to jail. But if you break the rule, trust me. You will never get to text that person again. The next time you text that person, the aura texting that person will totally be different!!! If that person have no patience that you are just pretty much screwed la.

I got lots of things that I wanna write down but god bless Luan for voicing out about 'Texting Etiquette'. He totally hit the spot!!! Totally what I wanna voice out too.

To those of you who dont know abt the texting etiquette. Please watch.

I just got alittle additional point that I wanna add from the rules of texting. Please dont ever text a person half way and never reply. If you are the one who started the texting conversation, then more that you should reply that person.

Yes, you can reply late but dont go over board!! Dont NEVER reply!! Very important. Tell that person why didnt you reply. Maybe cause you fell asleep, you are studying or you have some important matters to do. Just reply that person. Do you know how it feels to wait for a person that came and talk to you but that person didnt reply!?

If you dont wanna chat anymore, end the coversation. Say some thank yous and tell the person good-bye and all. Say nice things. Like what Luan said, dont ever end with one word.

Just apply these rule and people will be happy and willing to accompany you next time you need a person to talk to.

Dont believe me, try it. XP


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  1. need to off ur streaming music in order to watch streaming vids (i m anti auto play music on blogs! woohoo!)


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