Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Feret named Panda

After Jasper died, my brother always wanted something to replace Jasper. Thats why Oreo is the replacement for Jasper. but before Oreo, there was another animal being selected to be new Jasper. I dunno why there are 2 replacement for Jasper. So dont ask. XP

Instead of finding a dog as a replacement for Jasper my brother choose another different animal. So, he got a feret named Panda.

Why panda? Cause it looks like a panda. You know, panda pattern.

This Panda was suppose to be the first and original replacement for Jasper cause my brother already ordered him. But the thing have to come in late cause when the time my brother ordered one he was still a little baby.

So panda is 2 months old. If you about you wanna ask whether its a male or not. Your answer is neither. Yes, panda is gay. The thing chop off already one. No kidding. Thats why his the perfect replacement for our previous gay dog Jasper. XD

Do I like this thing? well my brother loves it, my sister like it and I dont really like it. XD (in a joking way, i like all the animals.)

Is not like I dont like it. I just like Oreo better. I mean a new pet comes in the people will always pay more attention to the new pet. Is like having a new brother or sister at home.. yeah u all get the point. So i prefer to like Oreo more..

Okay there is another main reason that I dont like it. Cause the thing bite me after 1 minute of our first meeting. Oreo didnt do that!!! Oreo licked me when we first meet! XD

They say that taking care of a Feret is hard. Harder than a dogs. They need more attention than Oreo. Now that is going to be a pain..

Well thats my brother's problem now. Im siding Oreo. Cause Oreo is manja so he needs more attention than Panda. Plus, Oreo is kinda sick these days with his allergies and all.

So yeah in conclusion, I got a gay pain in the ass feret. XD


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  1. cool. your brother is now Beastmaster. 'cuz beastmaster has a pet feret.


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