Monday, May 23, 2011

I got myself Unifi~

Okay, i did not got unfi myself. My brother did most of the registering, my dad did most of the paying and my mom did most of the nagging.

So yeah people, I got my unifi at home! The internet here is going to be great and I hope it doesnt get farked up like the previous one. (Those of you who watch my vlog will get what i mean. XP)

Did some a few internet speed check and heres the result..

ping: 25
upload speed: 5.15mbps
download speed: 8.13mbps

Just so you guys dont know, its consider very good already. XD

To be honest, the main reason that my family decided to put up unifi is not mainly because of the internet speed. Only me, my bro and my sis are the ones who are concern abt the internet speed. But the truth is, unifi gives us some tv channels for us to watch! That means, we have TV again!! YAY!! 8D

I tried unifi and i still dont feel much changes for the internet. I still dont feel how devastatingly fast is this unifi is. I guess it might take awhile for me to notice. XP

Cheers? Hell yeah.. CHEERS!! XD

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  1. is k, one day, you shall cry in terror. hohoho


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